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5 Best Ways to treat colic pains in babies

It is a big task when you become a new mom or a new dad. And on top of it, when your baby cries a lot for long hours apparently for no reason, it seems to be a big challenge. Colic pain is associated with every healthy and well-fed infant. It is experienced by almost every newborn baby.

According to the experts, a colic pain happens because of intestinal discomfort caused due to any of the reasons, like

  • A food sensitivity.

  • Overfeeding.

  • Improper digestion.

  • No burping.

In general, there is a myth that a bottle-fed baby is more prone to the colic pain in comparison to a breastfed baby. However, there is no fact associated with it. As mentioned above, every healthy and a well-fed baby may experience this sort of discomfort.

The Best ways to treat Colic

Although it is always better to consult with a pediatrician for prescribed medicines, still there are certain home remedies which are also considered to be the best ways to treat colic pains in babies.

1. Warm Compress

A warm compress helps to release the trapped gas (if any) from the tummy of your infant. In addition, it relaxes the body too.

  • Take warm water in sufficient quantity and soak a soft towel in it. Then squeeze the towel and keep it on the tummy of your baby for some time.

  • Repeat the same.

2. Saunf (fennel) and Hing (Asafoetida) oil

Fennel Seeds (Saunf) is helpful in treating digestive disorders and gives relief from constipation. And so the asafoetida. Asafoetida (Hing) cures stomach ache. However, these two natural things are not safe for oral use in infants and both of these can create choking hazards in babies. Therefore, it is good to apply them in an oil form. Usually, it is difficult to make asafoetida and fennel oil at home, hence you can try ‘Mother Sparsh - Tummy Roll-on’, which is specifically meant for this purpose. This is an Indian brand which has developed several baby care products keeping Ayurveda in concern. Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-on is 100% Ayurvedic and gives effective relief from colic pain, indigestion and constipation in babies. This product is natural and free from the toxic materials, and thus safe for babies sensitive skin. In addition, it is skin-friendly too.

It’s main 5 natural ingredients - Hing Oil, Pudina Oil, Sonth Oil, Saunf Oil and Sova Oil makes it useful for treating gas, fussiness, colic and constipation. To buy, you click here.

  • Apply directly on the stomach around the naval area.

3. Knee pushing exercise

This simple knee pushing exercise is helpful in treating colic pain in babies. This exercise gives required pressure on the stomach which helps in releasing the trapped gas easily. However, make sure, you do not give hard pressure on the baby’s tummy. Keep the pressure gentle.

  • Lay down the baby on his back.

  • Hold the baby’s knees together and push them towards the baby’s tummy.

  • Hold the legs for few seconds while giving a gentle pressure.

Please remember, do not force your baby to lie down calmly. If he is not allowing you to do this exercise or feeling uncomfortable, immediately stop it.

4. Burp Your Baby

It is one of the most preferred ways of treating colic pain in babies. Burping helps to release that extra air which gets trapped in the stomach while taking feed. Burping gives general comfort to the babies. Although burping is quite easy, still it is important to understand the correct way of doing it.

  • Hold your baby against your chest and allow his chin to rest down on your shoulder.

  • Give proper support to your baby with one hand, and gently pat on her back with your second hand. Keep doing this until your baby burps out.

If your baby falls asleep right after the feed, then do not bother him to burp. In addition, if your baby does not burp even after certain minutes, then stop. Here, might be your baby does not want to burp because he did not gulp any extra air.

5. Tummy Massage

Tummy massage helps a colicky baby to relax and get comfort from gastric discomfort. A baby when massaged feels more secured, nurtured and loved. It helps to release relaxing hormones which in further improves sleep pattern.

Colic pain can be stressful for both the baby and parents, but if it is understood correctly, dealing with it can be much easy. You can also seek help from your doctor for better support and guidance.

Hope this post helps you to treat colic pains in your baby in a better way. For more further help and suggestion, feel free to comment below.

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