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Are you an Overweight and Planning for Pregnancy?

Your body weight matters a lot before you plan for a pregnancy. A healthy weight leads to an easy conception and healthy pregnancy whereas, obesity can lead to several health risks and it can also affect your normal hormone levels.

An increase in Body Mass Index (BMI) leads to the fluctuation of hormone levels which increases the chances of infertility. The menstruation cycle also gets affected which impacts the quality of eggs. Although obese women do get pregnant without any much medical intervention, still the more healthy and ideal weight, the easier the conception process becomes.

Side effects of Obesity on Fertility

The negative relationship between fertility and obesity is known and well understood. Obesity leads to insulin resistance, which also disturbs the regular menstrual cycles. In other words, obesity not only gives health problems but also it reduces the chance of getting pregnant whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through medical assistance.

In case you are able to conceive while being overweight, your pregnancy may get linked with several risks and complications. It can be gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, pre-term delivery, or even a miscarriage.

Therefore, if you begin your pregnancy being overweight, then limit your weight gain. Please note, while being pregnant, you should not lose your weight, rather you should control the weight gain in a healthy manner. Be active in your daily routine and follow a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet.

Follow these Tips...

  • The best way to lose weight is to choose the right amount of healthy foods. No doubt, physical exercise and activity helps in reducing weight, but at the same time, healthy foods contribute much to a healthy weight loss.

  • Keep a look at your calorie intake. Averagely, an adult woman should have 1600 to 2400 calories per day to maintain her daily energy levels. Hence, talk to your doctor to figure out the safest way to reduce the extra calorie consumption.

  • Do not choose any weight-loss medicine as it can be harmful to your pregnancy. These weight loss medicines are not at all suggested when you are pregnant or even planning for a pregnancy. It can cause severe birth defects.

  • Before going for any weight loss regime, talk to your doctor about your goals and get yourself guided about your current health condition and what can be the best for you.

Most mums-to-be who are overweight can enjoy a healthy pregnancy, but to rule out any complications it is good to be in healthy weight. Hence, if you are planning for pregnancy then start managing your weight today and talk to your doctor.

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