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Be HAPPY in your Difficult Situations

We all face challenges and problems in life. There is no one alive who can say that he has never faced any difficult time or situation. In fact, I believe that both happiness and unhappiness are the important part of a life. We all feel sad and depressed when we are going through the tough time. We start ignoring happiness of our life and start cursing our destiny. However, there are many other people too, who cope up with their difficult time in a much easier way. They did not ignore the happiness of their life.

Like you, even I have faced many challenges and hardships. Made several bad decisions in my life making it more towards the negativity. I used to be very depressed and was filled with guilt, sorrow and all sorts of negative thoughts that can ruin a happy mind. But now when I look back to all those time-periods, I realise that I could have handled those situations in a much more better way rather than being all time depressed and cursing my destiny. I could have lived my life in a much happier way as I wanted to live like.

Therefore, I would like to share my views and thoughts on how you can be happy in your difficult times.

Accept the challenges and face it.

We have read this statement multiple times, but we hardly follow it. Trust me, when we start accepting the challenges in our life, life becomes more easy to live. We get to understand our real calibre on how much we are ready to face a real life. When we face challenges, we get to become more strong and matured. Therefore, never get along with the negativity which comes along with the hardship. The more we fight, the happier we will be. When we start running from the challenges, the pain will never finish. Please remember, it is okay if you feel hurt after all this is a part of life and you can not omit it. Instead, learn to face the situation gracefully.

Follow the gratitude.

We all give more importance to our negative time. We forget our good time and start discussing deeply the days when we were unhappy, sad and depressed. It makes the Life more painful. I understand that it is bit difficult but yet possible to be grateful to your difficult times. Always remember, that you have got those things in your life which the others can not afford to have. So, therefore, be grateful to the situation when your friend has hurt you as he has made you more mature and practical while choosing future friends. If you have lost your job, then be grateful again, as you are still not homeless.

Hence, there are many situations in our life where we can be grateful but we never do so, as we get ourselves involved so much into the bad times that we really forget how to be happy again.

Learn something good from the difficult situations

Life is the best teacher for a human being. It has a number of lessons to teach and make a human being more ready and strong for the future events. Therefore, look for the good points which your difficult time has taught you and also understand the reasons behind it so that in future you should not repeat the same error.

Do not exaggerate your difficult time

With regards to the human nature, we consider our problem the biggest one. We all exaggerate the problem in a way that it seems to be very big and uncontrollable. However, this makes the situation more worst to handle. Instead of coming out the problem, we keep on prolonging the problem. Of course, it is not so easy to handle a problem so lightly but it is not that difficult too. Small problems will always keep coming in life but it is not right to cry about life.

Do not set any unrealistic expectations.

It is good to be ambitious and career-oriented in life, but your aim in life should be a realistic one. Do not set any such goal which is not possible to achieve within your limit. For example, your aim in life is to be a successful businessman, and you are trying to achieve this goal in next two years. I am not saying that you can not become a successful businessman, but in just two years you will not be able to give your hundred percent of dedication and energy to your business.

Hence, if we keep our goals easy to reach, we will be more happy to achieve it.

Lastly, we all know that ups and downs are the part and parcel of a life so it is always good to be calm and patient while handling the difficult situations of life. Remember, this bad phase will surely go away as nothing lasts forever.

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