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Cheesy Spinach Corn Sandwich Recipe

A cheesy spinach corn sandwich is a great breakfast recipe suitable for kids' tiffin boxes. The spinach corn sandwich doesn't compromise the nutritional aspect and tastes delicious and exciting for kids.

Cheesy Spinach Corn Sandwich is one of the quick and healthy breakfast recipes loved by adults and children. It is suitable for kids' tiffin ideas, and it is loaded with creamy white cheesy sauce and other seasonal herbs, making it a perfectly balanced breakfast recipe.

"Cheesy Spinach Sandwich is a yummy treat for people of all ages" - Tarla Dalal.

The cheesy spinach corn sandwich is loaded with healthy and tasty ingredients like spinach, sweet corn, cheese, garlic butter and mayonnaise (optional). Adding mayonnaise can be a smart twist to this mouthwatering Indian snack. It gives a crispy and unique rich taste keeping intact all nutritional benefits of the spinach cheese sandwich.

Cheesy Spinach Corn Sandwich


The spinach corn sandwich is an excellent way to make children eat green vegetables, and the delicious cheesy sauce makes the sandwich even tastier and healthy.

Let us now look into the ingredients for the spinach corn sandwich.

  • 4 Bread slices

  • butter to spread on bread

For fillings

  • 1.5 tbsp butter

  • 2 large spoons of cornflour

  • 200ml milk (cooled at room temperature)

  • 1 cup spinach - cleaned, chopped and blanced

  • 1 cup sweet corn kernel - boiled

  • half cup grated cheese

  • 1 teaspoon oregano

  • half teaspoon chilli flakes

  • half teaspoon black pepper powder

  • a pinch of salt to taste

Instructions to cook Cheesy Spinach corn sandwich

  1. Heat a pan. Add butter and allow it to melt. Add cornflour and stir it using a spatula on a low flame for a minute. Avoid burning it.

  2. Slowly add the milk and whisk it continuously to avoid lump formation. Whisk it until it becomes a smooth mixture.

  3. Add black pepper powder, salt as per the taste, oregano and chilli flakes. Mix the sauce well. Lastly, add the grated cheese.

  4. Once the sauce is properly cooked, add the blanched spinach and boiled corns. Mix it well.

  5. Now the filling is ready.

  6. Spread the spoon of spinach corn mixture on the top of the bread slices and cover it with other pieces.

  7. Grill this bread on the griddle pan or the sandwich maker.

Your Spinach Corn Cheesy Sandwich is ready!

How did you like this sandwich recipe, do tell us by writing in the comment section. Share this recipe with your friends and family.


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A wonderful melange of flavour and nutrition..loved it

Replying to

Thanks Ananya. Please try this recipe once, I' sure your family will love this. :)


May 02, 2022

So Yummy

Samidha Mathur
Samidha Mathur
May 02, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much. Please try this quick recipe at home and share your thoughts here.

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