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Five Actions That Express Care

To care means to bring happiness to one's life. The word 'relation' looks very simple and easy to understand, but it has got a deep meaning when thought about it.

In any relationship, 'love', 'care', and 'trust' are the foundation stones. Care, being one of the inevitable parts, makes a relationship stronger and happier. Expression of care can mend any broken relationship. Be it love, friendship, parenthood, anything, the word of care can develop a stronger bond between you and others.

There are several good ways to show that you care, the following five actions that express care are the practical and the result-oriented ones.


Be Dependable

Try to be that one upon whom someone can trust. Trust is generated when a person is reliable. If you commit to doing something, complete it. Lead him/her if he/she is holding back. And this is possible only when you care for someone. A person can feel your caring behaviour for himself/herself only if he/she sees that you are always there in every need.

I think one of the most important things in a relationship is caring for your significant other through good times and bad. Anonymous.


Usually we all have some kind of stress in our life. Sometimes there is loneliness too. In such a situation, it is felt that I wish there was someone with whom we could say all the things and he would listen to us carefully. Understands our problems, and us too.

So in such a situation you can become that 'special' person. When you worry about someone, simply listen carefully to his words, consider his problem as your problem. Even though you can not give any remedy for the pain, but listening carefully to someone's pain or sorrow is a very big sign that you care for that person. And such caring gesture brings comfort to others.

Believe Your Loved Ones

Believe is such a powerful feeling that can give life even to a stone. So imagine if you show faith in your loved ones, how much power will they get! Care is not just a word, it is a very big definition in itself which can only be felt. That's why if you want to tell someone that you care about him/her, then first of all learn to trust him/her. Reassure him that you trust him the most and that he is the most important to you.

Show Warmth

When we care about a person, we like to spend more time with that person. We like to accompany him/her at most situations.

So if you want to reveal this to a person, you should spend as much time as possible with her. Make her realize how special she is to you. A cup of tea also tastes good with her, make her feel that special. When you show her warmth, the feeling of care will automatically be felt.

Encourage efforts

The feeling of encouragement towards others is itself a feeling of care. When we care about a person, we encourage that person for every work he does. Regardless of how big or small work he has done. In the spirit of care, we wish good progress for our friends and dear ones. There is such a fair spirit in us that always inspires us towards goodness in others.

So encourage others, inspire, and motivate them to do something good. All this will not only benefit that person, but you will also be good. The feeling of caring makes us a good person. We start feeling very sensitive to others.

Taking care of someone, loving them, making them feel that you are always there for them in every hour of happiness and difficulty, will not only make that person stronger but you too. When we consider someone's sorrow as our sorrow and happiness as our happiness, then we are called 'human', otherwise there are many battery operated devices in the market.

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