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How to take care of your baby's skin?

Skin is one of the most sensitive organs of the human body. It takes the maximum time to get mature and develop enough to handle the external environmental condition. Therefore, it is often been said that a baby’s skin is vulnerable to several skin infections and related problems, and it has to be properly taken care.

You may often notice that a baby skin gets more acne and pimples as compared to the adults. Usually, it is common and a temporary phase, still it becomes a matter of worry among the parents and guardians. Baby acne goes by itself without worrying about the treatments; there are certain important things to know about the skin through which you can take the best skin care of your baby.

Understand the pH level of the skin

‘pH’ stands for ‘potential of hydrogen’ and it shows a measure of acidity or alkalinity of water-soluble substances. A pH value ranges from 1 to 14 and values below 7 indicate acidity and above 7 indicates alkalinity. Without going much deeper into this chemistry, I would say, as the normal body temperature is 37 degree Celsius, similarly, the normal pH value of the skin is 5.5.

pH level of 5.5 indicates the healthy glow, softness and the smoothness of the skin. To maintain this pH level of your baby’s skin, it is important to use the right skincare products for your baby. Ideal care of a baby’s skin usually includes the massaging and the moisturising, but we often forget that bathing also makes a pivotal role in skin care. We often use harsh and chemical-based baby soaps or baby wash which does not suit a baby’s skin pH level, resulting in acne, rashes and skin irritation. Therefore, it is good to use those products which are ideal for a skin pH level.

One of the brands, named as ‘Sebamed’ has their baby skincare ranges which are developed by the dermatologists and can be used even by people with sensitive skin. The unique feature is that all Sebamed products have a pH of 5.5, which is the pH level of normal healthy skin. The products are made in Germany and are marketed in India by USV Limited.

I am using Sebamed Baby Wash Extra Soft for my daughter since quite a long time and her skin is still very soft and smooth. I have never noticed any sort of skin rashes or acne after using this baby wash on my kid.

The Sebamed Baby wash extra soft comes in two quantities - 200 ml and 400 ml - and the prices are Rs 456 and Rs 920 respectively. Although the prices seem to be the bit on a higher side, it provides the best skin protection, hence, from my point of view, it is worthy. In addition, it is not needed to apply much quantity. A minimal quantity of Sebamed Baby Wash Extra soft is sufficed.

The best part of this product - unlike any other body wash, it gets easily washed-off and doesn't require several efforts of the shower. Moreover, it is thick and completely transparent in its colour. It has a very mild and beautiful fragrance too.

Overall, it is a good product for the baby’s delicate skin and you may also try this on your baby.

I hope my blog has been useful and informative to you in terms of baby care.

Please leave your valuable comments and feedback under the comments section below.

Take Care!

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