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I am Depressed. Can you see it?

Depression, for many of you, can be a simple word, but for her/him, who is struggling with it, can be a deep pain.

I won't be sharing any medical definition of Depression nor I would tell you something about its symptoms. You must be knowing it all very well. What I am willing to write here are those unpleasant feelings and thoughts which transpire when someone is going through Depression. You may all see those depressed faces and upset minds, but have you ever tried to feel and understand how it feels daily while struggling with Depression?

Life seems to be stagnant with no hope of progress. With the loss of interest in hobbies and all those activities which used to give happiness and satisfaction to the mind and soul, life seems to be at nowhere. Loneliness, hopelessness or you can say the empty mood becomes the part of every day. The morning starts with a feeling of guilt and worthlessness. It feels like being the culprit of everything. Nothing seems to be good in life, hence it feels to commit suicide. Additionally, difficulty in concentration, unable to make a decision, irritability, headache and joint pain without any physical cause, makes the life more vulnerable. Will you be able to deal with all these unpleasant thoughts and feelings on a regular basis? I am pretty sure, the answer would be No.

Depression is a major mental health disorder which not only affects your mental health but also affects your social well-being. One is unable to mix with the outer environment because of the negative thoughts all around. This state of mind is not self-made, but because of all unsupportive and non-encouraging environment, it captures the thought-process. It is quite a known fact that whichever type of depression it is - Persistent, Postpartum, and Psychotic, each of them is associated with sadness, guilt, anxiety and hopelessness that one suffers from.

You were fine till yesterday, what happened to you suddenly. Why you are behaving so strangely!

Depression never starts in a day. A persistent discouragement, negativity, and unsupportive environment lead to a depressive mind. For example, a young teenager may get into depression if he is not getting proper parental support. Or he has been undergone through an abusive childhood. Whereas, a grown-up may fall into depression due to an unstable career, failed relationship, lack of finance, or due to any other circumstance which is creating a hindrance in his growth and progress.

Please understand that no one gets happiness from depression. Rather, one has to bear the brunt of a lot of inconveniences, which no one else can understand. And the worst side, people start considering you as a stupid person and starts ignoring your behaviour thinking that you over-react in every situation. Instead of providing support and care, the depressive mind is left all alone to struggle. And hence, continuing towards the passage of loneliness, guilt and anxiety, life becomes lifeless.

What should I do to help?

Depression needs proper counselling. Proper medication and expert support are needed as a first-aid, but being a near one, active listening is required too while dealing with a depressive mind. This mind needs your active presence and care. A person who is struggling with depression needs someone who can listen and understand deeply what is going through in life and mind. What's wrong and what's not, what is needed and what is not.

I believe that love and care are those things which can heal every pain and sorrow. The more you care and give support, the early will be the recovery from depression.

Lastly, I would quote Princess Diana's words - "Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves."

I hope this blog has been helpful to you. If you find it worthful to share, then please share it on your Social Media handles, tagging me @SamidhaMathur.

Lots of love,


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