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Is Breast Cancer the most common now?

Shocking Facts:

  • Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in India.

  • One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, in India, every 4 minutes. One woman dies of Breast cancer, in India, every 8 minutes

  • An estimated 70,218 women died of breast cancer in India, for the year 2012, the highest in the world for that year.

  • India has a predominant young population and hence the numbers of women being diagnosed with breast cancer is only going to increase.

  • India is seeing a spurt in the cases of breast cancer in the age group of 30 to 50 and the same is likely to increase .

Source: Breast Cancer India


Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancer in women worldwide. And, overall it is the second most common cancer. In India, more and more young women of age between 20-40 are getting diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The medical science has witnessed this tremendous growth in the last 25 years.

Lack of awareness is one of the most common causes of the occurrence of Breast Cancer. Majority of the Indian population does not know much about it. In fact, it is just like a 'non-existent entity' for most of us, unless it is been suffered by someone we love and care.


Breast Cancer is a type of lump on the breast which can be caused when the cells begin to grow outrageously and thus forming a tumor. This tumor becomes cancerous when these cells grow and spreads in to the surrounding tissues.

Breast Cancer can start from any part of the breasts. They can begin from the milk ducts, glands and may even start from the fatty tissues of the breast. These cancerous cell growth can spread to the lymph nodes under the arm.


There are certain risk factors that increases the chances of breast cancer. However, the presence of anyone of these factors doesn't confirm the presence of breast cancer in you. Therefore, if you observe something unusual in your breast, then do not hesitate to get yourself thoroughly diagnosed and tested so as to start with the proper treatment.

  • Family history of Breast Cancer.

  • Late Menopause after the age of 55.

  • Early Menstruation before the age of 12.

  • Genes.

  • Hormone replacement Therapy.

  • Consumption of Alcohol.

  • Dense Breast Tissue.

  • Never Been Pregnant.


The formulation of lump can be a very first sign of the breast cancer, however, not every lump is cancerous in nature. It can be a cyst too. Therefore, it is vital to understand the other common symptoms of breast cancer for the correct diagnosis.

  1. In breast cancer, breast changes its shape and size.

  2. You may also see a change in its skin texture. The change can be the scaling, peeling or even flaking of the skin.

  3. There will also be a change in its skin colour. The skin may turn out to be red which seems to be inflamed.

  4. You may also observe that either of your nipple is looking different than usual. They seem to be inverted followed by an unusual discharge or a rash in its surrounding area.

Other than the above common symptoms of breast cancer, if you observe something unusual, please make sure to get it checked from the doctor as soon as possible.

It may happen that for the correct diagnosis, your doctor may ask you to get mammogram and ultrasound done. Sometimes, breast biopsy is also recommended, if the mammogram and ultrasound are not giving the clear results.

Breast Biopsy is the collection of the tissue sample either by the needle or by the incision in your breast.

Breast Cancer does not have any specific cause, but this can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and a physical exercise. In addition, a regular screening - Mammogram - is also recommended to reduce any odd (if present).

According to the American Cancer Society, the women of ages between 45 to 54 years should go for an annual mammogram.


It is important for every woman to identify the visible symptoms of breast cancer. Cancer is life-threatening, but if the diagnoses at an early stage the survival rate becomes higher.

Remember, you are NOT alone, there are many brave women in this world who have fought against this odd and have won this battle.

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