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Is it difficult to be a Single Parent?

It is said that marriages are decided in heaven. But when it breaks down, it has many impacts on your life. It impacts you not only mentally but also physically. You need to restart all alone, and it becomes too tough when you are with your kid(s).

In general, our society feels pity for a single parent and believes that life is a hell after separation and being in single parenting. However, every coin has its two sides. No doubt, that handling each and every aspects of life alone can make you frustrated and sometimes suffocated too. But if you see the other side of this type of parenting, life is not that bad, either.

Being a single parent is not a life of Struggles. But a journey for the Strong. -- Meg Lowrey

Usually, we think that being a single parent everything becomes too tough and hard to handle. There is no time left for self and hardly anytime left for new friends and family. Having said that, there are certainly good things too, which is attached to single parenting.

1. You are the Decision-Maker

As a single parent, the entire decision-making process at your home comes on you. Initially, it may seem to be frustrating to take the decision on each and every aspect, but later down the time, you will realize that this is some way around good for you. You can take decisions according to your freedom and thoughts.

2. You become the Finance Manager of your home

As a single parent, you have to manage the expenses of your family. You have to decide how much you should spend and how much you should save for your family. You will be in a better position to decide over the finances of your home. This makes you more responsible and dedicated to your family's well-being.

3. Children become more responsible

When the journey of single parenting starts, it affects on a child too. The children become more responsible and understanding at a very tender age. When you start handling every work on your own, then you may observe that your children are acting as a team player to help you and support you. This makes them realize their responsibility soon.

4. It makes you self-dependent

When a person is in a committed relationship, then it is quite obvious to expect a balancing act from a partner. Whereas, in the case of single parenting, you are the only one to do most of the work. You are less dependent on others and capable enough to do the majority of the task in the best possible way.

Apart from the above-mentioned, many people get to identify their real worth and talent after being into the single parenting. They start fulfilling their self-actualization need - the need for which they are most passionate about, but cannot fulfil those desires and need due to some other priorities.

An ideal family needs both mother and father. An absence of anyone can make a child's life bit stressful and empty. However, the certain strengths of single parenting compensate that loss. To be a single parent is absolutely not an easy choice, but to minimize the pain it is important to see life positively. Moreover, do not give up your hope and expectations. To understand better, give some time to yourself and to your child. Time heals everything and makes us strong.

Life is not bitter too.

Disclaimer: An author has no intention to promote single parenting. The sole purpose of this blog is to give moral support and help every single parent.

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