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Newborn Checklist: Everything you need before your baby arrives

Shopping for a newborn who is yet to arrive can be overwhelming as there are so much attractive things to choose from. Therefore, it is always good to start planning sufficient time before about all the important you need before your baby arrives. There are certain essential things which your baby needs right from the first day of his birth. So that you do not forget anything important, it is good if you note it in your notepad. Furthermore, you can also talk to some experienced mums in order to get their practical ideas and help.

For your convenience, you will get a newborn checklist here in this blog. Please have a look here:


Irrespective of the method you choose to feed your baby, the below items are the important things for the newborn baby.

1. Nursing clothes – For a lactating mother, it is essential to wear light fabric clothes so as to feel relaxed and comfortable. In addition, it is good to choose nursing bras and night wears to breastfeed her baby comfortably.

2. Breast Pumps – Breast pumps are nonetheless boon for a lactating mother. Breastfeeding can be a tiresome and even a stressful job during the initial months. However, these breast pumps can be very helpful in this case. There are different types of breast pumps available in the market – manual and the electric. One can choose according to her convenient.

3. Sterilizer: No matter, if you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, the sterilizer is important to maintain the cleanliness and the hygiene. You need this sterilizer to sterilize the feeding bottles, nipples and even the breast pumps to keep them hygienic for use.

4. Feeding bottle: Make sure the feeding bottle should be BPA free and anti-colic so that the baby should not gulp much air while sucking.

Diapering Essentials:

Diapering essentials should not be ignored in your newborn’s checklist. When we think about the diapering essentials, the first word which comes in the mind is ‘hygiene’. Therefore, you should consider the following items in the diapering essentials for your baby.

1. Disposable Diapers – There are many good brands which cater to the need for disposable diapers. The disposable diaper comes according to the size which depends upon the weight of the baby. The lowest one is XS which means Extra Small, and the biggest one XL which is Extra Large. Thus, choose according to your need and requirement. You may find the ‘newborn Size’ too in several brands which goes so well with the newborn size.

2. Unscented Baby wet wipes – It is always recommended to go for the unscented baby wet wipes for your baby’s hygiene. However, there are not so many brands which offer unscented baby wet wipes. There is only one of India’s brand, ‘Mother Sparsh’ which offers unscented baby wet wipes for the need of the baby’s hygiene and cleanliness. Its fabric is 100% biodegradable and thick. It is purely natural as it is made from 99% pure water and its fabric is of medical-grade which is absolutely safe for your baby. In addition, it is non-toxic and free of chemicals.

3. Cotton cloth nappies – As we all know that baby’s skin is sensitive and vulnerable to the skin rash and the prolonged use of disposable diapers may lead to a diaper rash, hence, it is good to have a big bundle of cotton cloth nappies. Although these nappies should be immediately changed once they soiled, these nappies are safe and can be reused after wash. Make sure you are washing these nappies with utmost hygiene care. You can use the antiseptic liquid for the best cleaning.

4. Diaper rash cream – Diaper rash cream is needed when your baby catches diaper rashes in his/her diaper area. These creams are highly effective and give instant relief to the itching and to the burning sensation which is caused due to the diaper rash. These creams are widely available in every medical store. You may try Baby Dove Diaper rash cream. It is really good.

5. Changing Mats – These mats are useful while changing the soiled diapers and nappies. They prevent the beds and mattress from getting soiled while changing diapers. These changing mats are easy to carry and can be taken along while travelling.


It is recommended to co-sleep with your baby for the initial months, but there are certain items in the category of ‘bedding’ which cannot be ignored for the newly born.

1. Baby Soft blanket – A good quality soft blanket for your baby is a good choice to make your baby sleep comfortably. Once being out from the mother’s protective womb, a newborn has to have a breathable and lint-free quality soft blankets so as to stay warm in the external environment.

2. Mattress protector sheet and absorbing sheet – Mattress protector sheet is necessary because your baby may poop and pee several times without being a diaper, which may go inside the mattress making it more unsafe in terms of hygiene for the baby. A soiled mattress can lead to several infections which are dangerous for the baby’s health. Therefore, in order to keep baby and mattress dry and protected despite peeing and pooping, mattress protector sheet and an absorbing sheet is required.

3. Mosquito net – A mosquito bite is very dangerous and can make your baby sick. Therefore, keep your baby protected and safe by using a mosquito net.


The clothes of a newborn baby must be comfortable and cotton-based. Make sure, it should be glitter-free, not so tight and free from heavy embellishments. The much lighter and comfortable clothing, the baby feels much relaxed. Consider the weather conditions too before buying the clothes for your baby. You may buy the following clothes for your baby:

1. Sleepsuits.

2. Onesies or rompers.

3. Mittens.

4. Loose pyjamas.

5. Front open tees

6. Socks or booties.

Lastly, the to-do list for your newborn’s arrival is quite long, but the above-mentioned items are the must-buys for your little munchkin. I am sure the above- mentioned lists and the items are going to be helpful for you while shopping for your baby.

Happy Buying!

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