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Social Media and Teens

With the growth of technology and social media, the life of every one of us has changed dramatically. To the most, toddlers, as well as teenagers, have shown a lot of changes in their behaviour and response due to the high usage of social media.

Many of the parents do worry about the usage limits of social media to be allowed for their toddlers. They give utmost importance to the toddlers' development, however, very few parents watch out for their teenage kid's social activity. Teenage and adolescence is an important phase of development both in terms of physical and mental. During this phase of life, kids start exploring new changes in the life, be it a physical or a psychological. This eagerness and curiosity compel them to experiment with all those stuff which should not be explored too early. And for doing this, they take the help of Social Media. According to the experts and study, due to this social media, kids are growing up with more anxiety and less-esteem. Let us see how.

Less Social

Nowadays, it is observed in many situations that teenagers now have become less social and does not interact much with the society. They are at best keeping themselves busy with their social media accounts and handles. This social media has become their new found home for every needs and difficulty. We all see most of the teenagers are online through their smartphones either texting, sharing or even trolling.

When our social media did not exist before, our children used to spend time in sports, and other lifestyle activities which were far better than this. I am not saying that this social media is not good, but I believe, we all have lost our social touch and personal feel.


'You are more popular if you have more followers' - this is something that our teenagers are learning now with the help of social media. To me becoming more famous in social media is not a big deal, instead, your good deeds should make you popular. There are lots of 'if' and 'but' in a teenager's life. They are working towards getting more 'Likes' and 'Shares'. More 'likes' means good otherwise you are worthless - this insecurity is capturing a productive and a creative mind. A mind which can do a lot of creativity and innovation at this growing age is now struggling to get more 'likes' !!! Our growing children now feel so insecure.

Less helping

We all must have noticed sometime that instead of helping a needy person, preference of making a video and sharing of the same is given more importance. Our young generation is getting used to of it. We all prefer to share a video or a picture rather than helping in a required situation. This all has made our growing kids less helping in nature. They don't know the feeling of goodness when someone help other.

More involvement in CYBERCRIME

This is one of the biggest danger that comes from being addicted to the social media. The rates of crime by young adults in our nation is alarming and astounding.

Cybercrime is majorly done for earning money and blackmailing partners by young teenagers. There had been a 53.5% rise in the cybercrime. Out of 324 people arrested under the IT Act, 215 were from the age group of 18-30 years. (Please ref:

Cybercrime includes the crime against a woman, and any fraudulent activity performed using the internet and computer. The growing kids which have become addicted to using social media for each and every purpose should be aware of the preventive measure which can be adopted against the cybercrime.

We are in high need of a better education system and a huge modification in terms of upbringing and social awareness. The usage of social media is good to some extent, however, an excess of anything is not good for anyone. Teenagers and adolescents are tender and sensitive in nature and they need to deal with better care and protection. We all should use social media for the betterment of the society, not to be driven by it.

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