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What to do when you are self-quarantined?

Quarantine is time or a period of isolation in which the movement of people and goods is restricted to prevent any spread of contagious disease. At such times it is very difficult to spend time alone. However, in such times you can use your time much better. Let us know how?

We all understand that COVID-19 outbreak is a global pandemic situation and for the safety of all, several State Government has asked the general public to choose quarantine as one of the ways to stay protected from Coronavirus. The quarantine can be for a week or two until the situation gets under control. For some, it can be a period to relax and chill, whereas, for many of others, it can be a period of anxiety and isolation.

Hence, to live on a positive side of quarantine, let us have a look at the following pointers. It can help you to come over the negative thoughts in this uncertain time.

Count it as your extra productive time

While being busy at the workplace, some other household chores are usually being left out. So consider this time as your 'extra' productive time, by which you would be able to complete this leftover task. These tasks can be the cleaning of a home, reorganizing of your wardrobe, etc. Pick one task each day and try to complete the same on that particular day only. I am pretty sure that you will be delighted to see the results.

Indulge in Hobby

Indulging in the hobby is the best way to come out of boredom and anxiety. It can be painting, sketching or gardening. A hobby gives strength to the mind to generate more positive energy. Cook the food which you love to eat, read your favourite book, sketch the object which you love to. In other words, keep your mind engaged in some creativity as 'empty mind is the devil's house'.

Refrain yourself from 'fake' WhatsApp messages

Apparently, there are thousands of messages in the market which are getting circulated on WhatsApp related to the prevention and treatment of Coronavirus. However, these viral messages lack authenticity and supportive evidence. As a result, these 'fake' WhatsApp messages create hoax and misconceptions in the minds of its reader. Therefore, to make the best use of this 'quarantine', avoid following any fake forward message, no matter whoever the person has sent you. Only trust the messages from authentic and genuine informative sites like WHO and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Focus on your health

Considering the fact that health is wealth, this is the best time to concentrate on the same. During the hustle-bustle of life, we usually forget the importance of health. We go out almost every weekend and enjoy junk and spicy foods despite knowing that they are not safe for our health. Hence, during the quarantine, make the best use of this time by eating healthy and nutritionally balanced food. Exercise regularly, mediate as and when you get the time and pay attention to your health. The more you stay healthy, the more productive you will be in your work.

Pamper yourself

Last but not least, pamper yourself as much as you can. Spend your time in grooming yourself. There are lots of DIY facial and fruit cleanups as well as body spa techniques available on the Internet. Browse them according to your need, and apply them on yourself. A relaxed mind with a non-chaotic schedule will give the best result.

I hope this blog post has been helpful to you and if you find it useful for others too then do not forget to share it further. 🙂

If you have some other ideas too, then do not hesitate to share with us through your comment.

Would be waiting for your inputs. Till then, take care, be safe and be protected.

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