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4 Best Friends to lead a Happy Life

We always get to hear the famous phrase 'Live life King size'. However, what does it mean? Do we have to become a King to a live a happy life? For me, it's NO. I am happy despite being mediocre because I have 4 best friends to lead a happy life. Do you want to know who are they? Come with me, I will introduce you to them.

1. Sunlight

The sunlight is a mankind's best friend. If you are fortunate enough to see this beautiful sunlight daily, then you are leading a HAPPY LIFE. A happy life does not only means to be content or having wealthy possession. Instead, a happy life is when Nature loves you, a smile that Nature brings to your beautiful face.

You may now argue that Sunlight is available to everyone, then how I differ from others? Having said that, yes sunlight is available to everyone, but not everyone can feel the presence of this Nature. The moment you feel the Nature, you will feel the happiness, satisfaction and calmness, which is much needed in this fast-paced society.

2. Rest

We should all accept that we are living in a rat-race society, where we all are deprived of good rest and sleep, which is one of the best friends of a human being. I have read somewhere 'one best friend is equal to one good medicine.' In addition, we all must admit the health benefits that are associated with taking a good rest. So how can we ignore this helpful friend whose name is 'Rest'? Make a friendship with this friend immediately, and I am sure you will be happy.

3. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an attitude and perception which you hold about yourself. This attitude, if taken positively, can take you to the stars. A self-confidence is a need when you want to move ahead in your life to do something good. Same as a good friend who holds your hand and takes you to the correct direction of a life.

Therefore, hold the hands of Self-Confidence tightly and move ahead in your life.

4. Knowledge

It is said that the teachings never go waste. Therefore, if you possess a good knowledge and wisdom, you will never be alone in your life. This is such a good friend who will never leave you in any circumstances. Hence, never leave this friend behind, you will be benefited due to its company.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my 4 best friends in life. Maintain the friendship with these 4 best friends throughout your life and you will enjoy a happy and healthy life without being a King.

Happy Friendship!

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Samidha Mathur
Samidha Mathur
May 08, 2018

Thank you Suresh.. :) I wish your life also befriend sunlight soon... take care


Suresh Rao
Suresh Rao
May 08, 2018

Good one. Yes I have all the mentioned frnds except the sunlight. Due to my opposite nature shift timing I am unfortunate to live that. However apart frm all this positive thinking also helps u a lot to live a healthy n peaceful life. Thats what I belive.

Thanks fr sharing this. Keep writting dear..!! May ur pen creates more boons to the society.

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