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5 Things to do while waiting for your Baby to arrive

The last few weeks/days of pregnancy are not only filled with happiness and joy but also with boredom. While being equally excited for your baby’s arrival, you may feel the last few weeks/days of your pregnancy more dragging and boring. You may be feeling like pregnancy is for the lifetime!

Therefore, to take you out of the boredom and tiredness, we have listed down some interesting and helpful 5 Things to do while waiting for your baby to arrive. These things will not only keep you healthy but also calm, which is vital during pregnancy.

1. Enjoy your favourite luxury foods

You had healthy and nutritionally balanced food during your entire pregnancy period. However, enjoying your favourite ‘luxury’ food may not have happened. Therefore, ask your husband or your close friend to accompany you to a good restaurant wherein you can enjoy a sumptuous meal or if you’re not so comfortable to go out, then bring that home. Remember, once your baby arrives, going to the restaurant or enjoying a meal peacefully may not be possible for a few months or even for a year. Besides, your mealtime will depend upon your baby’s schedule. Hence, enjoy these days by having your favourite food, making sure that it is properly cooked in hygienic condition.

2. Relish the small things of your daily routine

You may not know that the small things of your daily routine like pampering yourself, watching television, listening to your favourite music, etc may get difficult to do once your baby comes. Therefore, savour these tiny things which may not look big but have some important role to play in your daily routine.

3. Keep your hospital bag READY!

You never know when you may see your water breakout and you have to rush to the doctor. Therefore, keep your hospital bag ready with all essential items packed in. Do not forget to keep your hospital file, ID and insurance papers in the bag. Apart from that, nursing gowns and heavy-duty maternity pads are vital too. You can maintain a proper checklist for essential items so that you do not forget anything important.

4. Make your baby’s wardrobe ready

Make sure that you have sufficient and comfortable clothes for your little one before he/she arrives. During the initial months, it is important to make your baby wear loose and comfortable clothes, rather than making them wear highly embellished clothes. If the weather is hot and humid, prefer soft cotton clothes, like onesies and rompers. On the other hand, if the weather is cold, select those warm clothes that are not too harsh and rough to touch.

5. Walk, Walk, and Walk

While enjoying the last few days/weeks of pregnancy, do not forget to go out of the house for a gentle walk. A gentle and happy walk will not only keep you healthy for your delivery but will also keep you mentally calm and relaxed. You may ask your partner or any of your family members or friends to accompany you to walk.

Lastly, your body is more likely to help you with labor when you are relaxed and stress-free. The more exhausted and jittery you stay during the last weeks of your pregnancy, the more delay you may expect in your labor.

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