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Are you confused about planning your baby 1st birthday?

Finally, that special day is coming soon! Your baby is turning 1 year very soon, and you are pretty confused about the planning process. You’re not sure about what to do and what not. Therefore, to take you out of this confusing situation, read this blog to get tips and ideas, which can help you to plan out the birthday party in your budget and that too mess-free.

The first birthday is not only a special day for a baby but also a celebration moment for the parents. This day can be an overwhelming too for both parents and baby. However, parents feel more excitement and happiness as they have completed now their first-year of parenthood which was full of sleepless nights and tiring days. Whereas, in general, the first birthday is a not-so-happy moment for a baby because after seeing lots of new faces and crowd, he/she not only feel nervous but as well as tired.

Therefore, it is good to celebrate this special day happily but with full care. Right from the appropriate party venue, birthday party dress and the tasty menu, everything has to be planned very properly so that 1st birthday celebration may not become like 'a bomb' to your pocket. Remember, the 1st birthday of a baby should be memorable and harmless for him/her. Therefore, start planning well before the time so that you do not miss anything important keeping baby care perspective in mind.

Plan a Budget for your baby's 1st Birthday party

This is one of the foremost tasks you should do while planning 1st birthday for your baby. If you decide your budget beforehand, it will be easy for you to bifurcate the party segments easily. Moreover, you can plan a birthday party venue accordingly with a decided budget.

Prepare 'Guest-List'

Preparing a guest list can be a tedious activity for any first-time parents. However, while doing so, remember that this is your child's birthday party, not a marriage ceremony. Thus, involve more of kids and their parents, instead of the whole family. Invite only close friends, your child's grandparents and neighbours.

Choose appropriate timings for the celebration

The first birthday of a baby always makes him/her cranky and dull. This kind of behaviour, which is pretty common, does not allow the parents to socialize with the guests. Hence, do not choose such timings during which your baby naps. Rather, consider the birthday celebration timings after your baby's naptime. Remember, anyhow your baby will not enjoy this day to the fullest, but the level of tiredness and dullness may get decreased if he/she gets a good sleep before this wonderful celebration.

Keep Menu neutral

This is also one of the important things to consider while planning for baby's 1st birthday celebration. The menu should be neutral in terms of taste, variety and its section. Try to make it child-friendly but add some dishes for adults too, as children are going to accompany their parents or grandparents. Moreover, do not select a wide variety of courses, as kids do not like eating much when they are at the birthday party. And, if possible, avoid adding any 'non-vegetarian' meal/snack, because somewhere it creates confusion in children's mind if their parents are not standing with them while serving them the dish.

Birthday Theme/Outfits

Nowadays, parents announce a random theme or outfits for the birthday party. This has become a new normal kind of thing at any birthday celebration. These random themes or outfits change the complete outlook of the party. However, do not apply 'the theme rule' on your baby, i.e. do not dress him/her overloaded. Those embellished frocks and glittery dresses can be too heavy to handle for any toddler. Hence, make them wear some good yet comfortable dress in which they do not feel any kind of discomfort. These discomforts can be any skin rash, itching (due to embellishment and glitters), or even heat up. Try selecting Baby Frock Dress of any good and comfortable fabric like organic cotton. Remember, your baby's comfort should be your first priority. Berry Tree India is one of the sellers of Organic Essentials for kids.

Lastly, arrange some fun activities for the children as well as for their parents or grandparents, to add some liveliness to the party. Remember, these fun activities should easy and harmless to everyone. The major focus should be given on the enjoyment and laughter.

And yes, do not use any flammable things as it may not be safe for the guests; and do not use expensive cutleries as well because it may get broken due to the chaos present at the birthday party.

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