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Are you raising a Teen? Need Help?

For the parents of a teenage kid, parenting becomes difficult sometimes. In some situations, you may observe a disrespectful and rude behaviour in your teenaged kid and as a parent, you may feel hurt, but this sort of behaviour is quite common among the teenaged kids because this is a part of a teenage growth and development. Although this phase will eventually pass and your kid will become more sensible and responsible, all you need to understand some strategies which can help you to raise a teen more easily.

Be more Understanding

Not all teenage kids are rude and disrespectful in their behaviour, however, their moods change quickly. This happens because of the teenage brain development. Here kids are not that mature to handle their feelings and emotions independently. Due to this they become over-sensitive and behave rude with others. Therefore, in this situation, try to connect with more often and take some time talking to them. You need to be more understanding rather than being ignorant about this natural phase of life.

Have a clear Communication

Always try to maintain a clear communication with your teenaged kid. No matter what the topic is all about, do not hide anything. Hiding may give birth to the several misconceptions in the minds of your growing kid. Talk about your family rules, customs and rituals. These short conversations also can bring a lot of change in his/her behaviour. Get your kid involved while making family decisions as it will make him/her feel more responsible. The presence will automatically lead to an acceptance.

Be like a Friend

There is a famous proverb in India - "When the child is young, the parent has to be his friend". Likewise, when your child growing and is a teenager, you need to be his/her friend. You should not command or reprimand him. Instead, teach the right or wrong in a very friendly way, so that he/she can also understand you and do not take you wrong in every point of time. For example, if you see that your kid is in touch with "not so guys", then try to make him/her understand that a bad company of friends cn lead to a bad consequences.

Ignore some Reactions

Do not react to each and every answers or gestures of your kid. Try to ignore some of them. For example, if your kid is showing raised eyes, or bored looks, be calm at that point of time. Repeatedly aggressive and lecturing behaviour also draws a negative impression on a teenaged kid. Be calm, take a deep breath and continue what you want to say.

Be a Role Model

Children are a great imitator, so give them something good to imitate. When you are with your child, try to behave in a way that you want your child to behave. Try to imply positive parenting with your growing kids, as positivity in words and in your act always leads to better results.

At the end, believe in yourself and look after yourself as being a parent to a teenager, psychological well-being is important. If there is a lot of tension between you and your teenage child, seek a support of an adult who is trustworthy and responsible according to you. Never leave your child alone when he/she needs you to be with him/her.

Teenage and adolescence is a crucial stage of life so here arguing rarely works for any parent. Consider seeking a professional support, or discuss the concerned issue among your family to solve the matter.

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Take Care!

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