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Benefits of Co-sleeping with your Newborn Baby

Co-sleeping with a newborn is a safe thing to do or not has always been a big question for every new mom. There is always a twist in the mind that whether a mom should co-sleep with her newborn baby or arrange her baby's bed somewhere else? However, co-sleeping with a newborn baby is a biological norm and it is considered to be good for the little one.

Still, in many non-western countries, co-sleeping with a newborn is a culturally accepted phenomenon. When a baby sleeps with his/her mother, the warmth of a mother's body gives him/her a feeling of safety and security. On the other hand, if a mother sleeps away from her baby then the baby is more prone to the danger or to an accidental fall.

Co-sleeping is an act wherein a newborn baby sleeps with his/her both parents or either with any one of them. Many people consider that when a baby is sleeping with an arm's reach of his parents then it is said to be a Co-sleeping, while many others state that when both baby and parents are sleeping in the same room it is said to be as co-sleeping.

Advantages of Co-sleeping

Although many families do not prefer co-sleeping, there are several advantages of co-sleeping with your newborn baby. Read these advantages below:

1. When a baby co-sleeps in the same room with his parents, the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) gets minimised.

2. Studies show that babies often feel anxiety during the night when they are been settled in a different room to sleep. This is what known as nighttime separation anxiety. However, this anxiety is reduced when co-sleeping pattern is adopted.

3. Your newborn baby feels more safe and secured when he is sleeping beside you.

4. Feeding time becomes easier.

5. Co-sleeping gives more comfort to a mother, as she need not have to wake up and go to the other room for feeding, and for changing diapers, etc.

Disadvantages of Co-sleeping

However, apart from having several advantages of co-sleeping, there are few disadvantages too of co-sleeping with your newborn baby. The disadvantages can be the following:

1. Your newborn baby may feel suffocated and uncomfortable if both you and your partner are sleeping along with your baby.

2. There is almost no chance to intimate with your partner.

3. You may not have a good sleep at night as you are more concerned about your baby's comfort.

4. A newborn baby may get an infection if anyone of you is suffering from any contagious infection.

Tips to Co-sleep with your newborn baby safely

1. It is safe for a baby to sleep next to his mom, as breastfeeding becomes easy for a mom.

2. Make sure your baby sleeps on his back, not on his chest.

3. The mattress should be firm and the bedsheets should fit tightly, otherwise, the baby can put the bedsheets on his nose or mouth leading to the suffocation.

4. Keep checking your baby's sleeping positions. Be aware that no accidental fall should happen from the bed.

5. Always prefer light and comfortable for your baby at the time of sleep as overdressing gives discomfort.

6. Babies under the age of 1 should not sleep with his/her older siblings.

7. Make sure the surroundings are cool and secured so that your baby should have a comfortable sleep at night.

Co-sleeping gives your baby a sense of security and safety. Your presence will make him sleep without having any fear. Follow the above-mentioned tips and do not worry co-sleeping is a wonderful feeling and one of the way to enjoy the motherhood.

Tell us your views and share your experiences on Co-sleeping with a newborn baby in a comments section below. I hope this blog has been useful to you.

Happy Sleeping!

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