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Choosing the Best Insect Repellent for your Child

Summer Vacations are ON and so the mood of playing outdoors too. Usually, these outdoor locations are surrounded by lush green plants and shrubs which are also a shelter of several tiny species of insects. These species of a small insect are not only responsible for creating nuisance but they also transmit several harmful diseases. These small species of insects can be a mosquito, ant or any bug. A single bite of any of these insects may lead to any skin irritation or any sort of harmful disease. Therefore, it is vital to prevent our kids from these insect bites.

There are several insect repellents in India which can be applied to stay prevented from these insect bites. However, it is advisable to use ‘natural’ mosquito repellents for infants and kids to avoid any side-effects.

Choosing the best mosquito repellent for infants in India is quite a trickier one. Therefore, to make your search easy, I have compiled a list of the best mosquito repellent liquid in India including their reviews. But before moving ahead you should understand why you should use natural mosquito repellent and what are the basic Dos and Don’ts to be followed before applying mosquito/insect repellent on your infant or kid.

Why should you use natural mosquito repellent?

Mosquito bites are really annoying. Furthermore, when mosquitoes are most active in India, it can also lead to dangerous disease like malaria, zika virus, dengue fever, etc. Therefore, it is important to create a protective shield against them. Mosquitoes are guided by their sense of smell. The carbon-di-oxide you exhale, the sweat which you emit, your body odour etc., attracts mosquitoes towards your body. Although this natural phenomenon cannot be avoided, there are certain plant-derived essential oils which are helpful to repel these mosquitoes and insects. Moreover, they are absolutely safe on the human body.

The mosquito repellents with DEET and Picaridin, on the other hand, are usually not safe as they are toxic in nature and contains harsh chemicals which can have several side-effects. DEET is also unsafe for small children and expecting mothers.

Do’s and Don’ts for Insect Repellents

  • Do keep your child’s skin covered in some comfortable, light clothing as much as possible.

  • Do use a mosquito net on our baby’s stroller/pram, when taking him outdoors.

  • Do use that insect repellent only which has been approved to be used on children and also follow the ‘directions to use’.

  • Do apply the repellents on the clothing rather using them directly in the skin. Spray the repellent on the sleeves, socks, pant hems, etc. All this will refrain the mosquito coming nearby to your child’s skin.

  • Do wash these clothes on which these repellents have been used. Do not wear them without washing them properly.

  • Don’t apply body fragrance on your kids like body sprays or perfumes while sending them outdoors to play as it attracts the mosquito most.

  • Don’t apply any insect/mosquito repellent on the infants below the age of 2 months.

  • Don’t use sunscreen and insect repellent together on your child’s skin.

  • Don’t spray or apply these repellents on your baby’s face or eyes. If the child is below the age of 1 year, then do not apply on his/ her palm as your baby may put his/her fingers in his/her mouth.

  • Don’t allow your child to apply these insect repellents on his own. It should be kept away from your child’s reach.

Natural Insect Repellents for babies and Kids

A ‘natural’ mosquito repellent should be made up of natural essential oils which are effective in repelling these insects. Some of these effective ingredients are citronella oil, Lemongrass oil, Eucalyptus oil, etc. In addition, it should be chemical free.

Mamearth Natural Insect Repellent for Babies

This spray bottle of insect repellent from the brand Mamaearth protect your baby from mosquitoes and insects in a natural way. It is absolutely safe and good to use both indoors or outdoors. Mamaearth Natural Insect Repellent is powered with natural and organic ingredients - Citronella, Peppermint and Lemon eucalyptus with a base of Soya and Castor oil which helps to keep insects at bay. It contains no harmful chemicals and it is DEET free and it can be used on the skin without any fear.

How to use mama earth mosquito repellent?

Simply shake the bottle before use and spray only at the exposed areas of the skin. Its herbal formula will get absorbed quickly by the skin and it is non-greasy too.

You can buy Mamaearth Mosquito Repellent online and even at your nearby medical stores too.

Mother Sparsh Natural Insect Repellent

For me, this is one of the best mosquito repellent liquid in India. It comes in a spray bottle of 100 ml which contains 100% safe and natural ingredients which have the goodness of natural oil like Eucalyptus, Citronella, Camphor and Lemongrass Oil. The mild fragrance of these essential oils makes this repellent really effective and harmless to the children. Its Herbal Armour gives all-around protection from fleas, ants and mosquitoes even if your kid is playing indoor.

This natural mosquito repellent is DEET free and does not contain any other synthetic chemical which can be harmful to the skin. This product is not only safe for infants and kids but also safe and can be used by an adult too. It provides all-time protection as it can be used anywhere – indoors and outdoors. The spray bottle makes it very convenient to use maintaining the utmost hygiene level.

How to use Mother Sparsh Natural Insect Mosquito Repellent?

Spray on the exposed part of the body except for the face, also spray around body anywhere, clothes, room & play area.

GoodKnight Fabric Roll On

This is a new innovative mosquito repellent which comes in a plastic bottle of 8ml. The Goodknight mosquito repellent ingredients are 100%natural which consists of pure citronella and eucalyptus oil. It gives the protection of 8 hours and protects from all kinds of mosquitoes. It is safe for the children, however, for the babies below the age of 2 years, it is good to apply on their prams, strollers and cot.

The Goodknight fabric roll on price is also pocket-friendly which is just Rs 75 and it is widely available at online stores as well as to your nearby medical store.

How to use Godrej Fabric Roll -On?

Simply apply 4 dots on the your child's clothes as mentioned in the packaging.

Disclaimer: It is really important for you to discuss any new product you’re going to try for your baby. Whether it is a baby cream, baby food or even it is a mosquito repellent for your baby. Your paediatrician is the best person to advise you on the best mosquito repellents available in India for your infant/child.

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