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Do you know the amazing benefits of Honey?

Honey - a sweet and viscous food substance which can make any food delicious and healthy, has lots of benefits associated with it. To start with, Honey is loaded with so much of vital nutrients that it never spoils, provided you keep in a good airtight honey bottle. Honey is good for boosting immunity, for treating cough, and many more. Therefore, let us know in detail the amazing benefits of Honey in this blog.

Honey, naturally sweet nectar which looks like thick liquid gold, contains lots of vital nutrients and rich minerals in it. It is a rich source of Calcium, Iron and Magnesium. We all must be knowing that Honey is produced by the fruit nectar and of hard work done by worker honey bees. According to the food experts, honey is fat-free, and cholesterol-free, which makes it a preferred substitute for sugar. It is one of the major ingredients for almost every weight-loss recipe. Additionally, it also boosts immunity.


1. Honey is a Natural Energy Booster

Honey is composed of unique carbohydrates and natural sugars with the presence of antioxidants. It has vital minerals, vitamins and enzymes which quickly digest your food and provides your body with the required energy. Therefore, instead of consuming high levels of refined sugar, other energy drinks or coffee, start taking honey, a natural sweetener. The energy provided by honey is sustainable and also keeps your body's sugar level control.

2. Honey treats Cough

Honey is rich in antimicrobial properties which not only treat sore throat but also kill infection-causing bacteria. You just need two teaspoons of Honey in a day to treat persistent cough.

3. Honey helps in Treating Insomnia

Studies show that honey can treat insomnia. If you drink warm milk with a teaspoon of honey before bedtime, you will get sound sleep. Milk is a natural sedative and the carbohydrates present in the honey helps to speed up the process.

4. Honey is a natural substitute for sugar. Where the sugar is the refined product which makes it an artificial sweetener, honey is natural. It has a unique combination of fructose and glucose which can bring down the high blood sugar level.

5. Honey cures acid reflux

Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties which kill off those bacteria which are responsible for stomach infections, ulcers and acid reflux.

6. Honey is one of the major ingredients for weight loss recipe. Be it a glass of warm water, lemon with honey or even a green tea with honey, weight-loss is not possible without honey. Honey improves the metabolism which further reduces the cravings for sugar, thereby helping in weight-loss naturally.


  1. Pure honey helps in treating cuts or burns. Its antibacterial properties heal the wounds faster without giving much pain.

  2. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties as well, which prevents the swelling and the redness that comes from acne. Furthermore, it also prevents the peeling and the dryness of the skin that may come due to acne.

  3. For dry skin, honey acts as a natural skin moisturizer. it keeps the skin soft and nourished for longer duration without making it dry or acne-prone.

  4. Sun-tan, which becomes common during summers can be treated well with the application of Honey. Moreover, any rashes or patches which has occurred due to skin tanning can be cured with the use of Honey.

  5. If you are struggling with dry and flaky scalp or dandruff, Honey can do wonders for your scalp. It is great natural and effective hair cleanser which makes hair soft and nourished.


  • Honey should not be given to the children who are below the age of 1 year. It can be too tough for their intestines to digest honey completely and easily.

  • Honey never gets spoiled. However, you have to make sure that you have kept it in a air-tight container for better shelf life. But if in case, honey looks crystalise (glucose is separated from its water content) at the time of its use, reheat the quantity required and stir it properly. It would be good to use. But restore the leftover quantity in jar properly. Again, to be mentioned, in an air-tight container.

  • Lastly, we all must have heard a famous phrase, "an excess of anything is not good always", this goes with Honey as well. Do not make the consumption of Honey too much in a day as it may adversely affect your body. Therefore, limit the quantity to the desired level to have the best use of Honey and derive the best benefits out of Honey.

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