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Do you want to become a Parent? Read these Important Points

Parenthood comes up with a big responsibility. A responsibility which makes you more cautious and attentive while taking the simplest decision. Parenthood is something wherein you nurture and care a new life which is totally dependent upon you. You need to show your love and care to make your kid’s life more beautiful than yours.

From the moment you get pregnant, you are a parent. Life takes an altogether different path when you have become a parent. You have nurture, care and worry for your baby. Therefore, if you are thinking to become a parent, you should look into the following points, as parenthood is a real serious business, it should not be taken lightly. Like every relationship, parenthood also needs a commitment and a dedication to bringing out the fruitful results.

1. Find out the reason why you want a child.

(a) You want a child as you are in unhappy married life Child should never be brought into this world only to solve your unhappy marital relationship. A baby can never be a solution to bring the couple closer. If a relationship is unstable, then by bringing baby you are making this baby’s life vulnerable too. Hence, a little baby cannot bring a solution to the problem pertaining to marriage.

(b) You want a child as this society is forcing you- Many of us must have experienced this situation wherein our society pressurises us to have a baby, despite, being unprepared. You should never bring the child if you are not ready to handle the responsibility of parenthood. Parenthood needs an utmost attention and care from both the parents. A lot of support is needed from every aspect of life. The support is in the form of emotional, physical and financial. So, if you are not ready for any of the above support, then think again for a decision to become a parent.

(c) You want a child as you want to spread the love – A happy couple always bring and raise a happy child. Therefore, if you want to become a parent to spread your love and care then you should go ahead with your decision.

2. Is it a mutual decision?

Before taking the final decision, do an honest assessment of your readiness. Both of you should be mentally ready to share the responsibilities of the parenthood. Now the days are gone, where only the mother was responsible for raising a child. Now. It takes the efforts of both the parents. Right from the day 1 of the childbirth, both parents should dedicate themselves to the upbringing of a child.

3. Single -parent. Do you have enough support?

Being a single parent and raising a child is not at all an easy job. There should be an ample support from every core. There should be enough family support to you as and when it is needed. And if in case, if you are planning to get into a relationship again, then your decision should not hamper your child’s life.

4. Will you feel resentful if you are unable to buy something for yourself?

It has often been observed that many parents resent after their childbirth as they are unable to buy things for themselves as their kid is demanding more. Hence, make-up your mind that you need to forego your things in front of your child’s priority. You may see that your child needs a vaccination which is costly, whereas your loved sneakers are quite pocket-friendly, but still you have to choose the vaccination of your kid.

5. Are you financially stable?

A baby arrival can cost you like a bomb in your pocket. So, are you ready for all expenses? To be financially stable is much important than anything else. As this little baby will cost you more as he or she gets older. The basic needs, education and marriage is not an easy part of the responsibility. Therefore, you must think about the financial stability.

The decision to-be-a-parent is quite complicated. However, talk to your partner and discuss the matter when you both are in a good mood. Consult with the family member to whom you trust a lot because a healthy discussion always brings out healthy results. If parenthood has been started with a good heart, it can be very easy too.

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