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How 'Selfies' can be Bad for Teenagers?

Selfie, even though it creates a beautiful landscape over the online platform, but the habit of taking too many selfies is not good for our teenagers.

'Okay, now it is a time for a Selfie.'

'Let us take a selfie, here.'

'I should take a selfie, now.'

You all must have heard sentences like these in several occasions and places. 'Selfie' has become an integral part of human life. Be it an 8-year-old kid, or an 80-year-old adult, everybody knows how to take a 'Selfie'. Somewhere around it has become a way of having fun with friends and family. However, taking of selfies is most popular among the millennial generation who are in their 20's or their teens. This young generation is now addicted to this 'Selfie'.

No doubt, if you are a 'Pro' in taking a Selfie, then for sure you're capable of handling smartphone in the best way, but apart from this, there are many harmful effects associated with 'Selfie Obsession' which can harm a Teenage life.

1. Selfie unlocks your Privacy

Each and every time you click a selfie and upload it on your social media handles you leave your trail behind about your current location. Whether you be at home, or at any wedding of your cousin, or even with a friend having fun-time, the viewers of your selfie know where are you and what you are doing. In one way or the other way, you are allowing the trespassers to intrude in your life's privacy. Think deeply for a while, is it really important? How can you allow anyone who is absolutely stranger to peep into your life?

2. Selfies lead to an Addiction

Clicking thousands of pictures of self to get a perfect shot to upload it in social media handle is not an addiction, then what? This addiction may further lead up to an obsession for the same. There was an incident in Britain during the year 2014, wherein a boy of age 19 tried to commit suicide just because of failing to capture a 'perfect selfie' even after spending 10 hours of the day.

Everybody wants to get a perfect click of self to look good on social media, but getting obsessed for it, is a no way good for a healthy and peaceful life.

A person is beautiful with his thoughts and opinions, not because of his selfie.

3. Can End up a Relationship

An addiction to click and post too many selfies can damage your relationship with your real friends and family. Several studies have proven that your friends and family start disliking you if you are too much busy in clicking your selfies. It leaves a negative impact on your happy and healthy relationship with your friends and family. Hence, start focusing on your relationship rather than on your selfie!

4. Physical Appearance becomes the main agenda

I have seen many teenagers who want to look physically perfect in their selfie. From their top to bottom they want to be commented as 'wow'. According to our teenagers, the more 'positive' comments and likes you get on your selfie, the more popular you are getting day by day. However, they fail to understand that these 'Likes' and 'Comments' are not going to be valued unless you do something really good for anyone or for society.

Your deeds are remembered, not your Selfies.

Lastly, to conclude, I would say that Teenage phase of life is full of exploring the new world which is waiting for you. Count your steps wisely because your every step will decide your future and your future will decide our Nation's future.

Come out of this Selfie-Mania, there are lot many other things to get maniac about :D

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