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How to check wet wipes are BIODEGRADABLE?

A biodegradable substance or an object is capable of being decomposed by the bacteria and the other living organisms and hence termed to be an ‘Eco-friendly’ as they do not create pollution to an environment. Therefore, a biodegradable object is not only good for the environment but also to the skin of a human body as they create no infection or rashes to the sensitive skin. As we all know that our babies’ skin is more vulnerable and sensitive to any harsh substance, hence we should always prefer to use natural and gentle products for our baby. Although there are many products for babies available in the market to use and one amongst them is ‘Wet Wipes’. Wet Wipe is generally a moistened small piece of cloth or paper which is used especially for personal hygiene.

As wet wipes are used for the personal hygiene purpose so ideally, it should be biodegradable in nature so that it would not be harmful to the sensitive skin of a baby. As the low-quality fabric and chemical-based wet wipes causes allergy and rashes to the skin.

Therefore, now the question arises – How to check Wet wipes are biodegradable? As it becomes quite difficult to understand the ingredients list and chemical used for the manufacturing of any product, a practical test can be helpful in this case. The test called ‘Flame Test’ can give you clear results on what kind of wet wipes you are using on the skin of your little one. For conducting this simple test at home, you need the following items:

· A matchbox

· Candle

· Wet wipes – of two separate brands.

Just follow the simple below-mentioned steps:

STEP 1 - Light the candle with the help of a matchbox

Lighting up the candle - Lovely Tiny Things

STEP 2 – Take the first brand of a baby wipe and bring its corner near to the flame to burn

Here, I have taken a premium brand’s baby wet wipes as a first brand. I have burnt its corner to check the results. And what was the outcome? I will share you at the end of this blog.

STEP 3 – Take the other brand’s baby wet wipes to compare and repeat Step 2.

As a second brand to compare, I chose Mother Sparsh Baby Wet wipes, because they claim themselves to be a water-based wet wipe and of biodegradable baby wipes.

And trust me, I was surprised to see the results.

BASIS OF THE RESULTS – There are the two bases upon which this home-based ‘Flame Test’ depends. The first being the ‘Odour of the burnt baby wipes’ and the second one ‘the fabric of the wipes after getting burnt’.

Description -

The synthetic fabrics like Nylon or Polyester burn quickly and shrink to the flame. The beads are harsh, round and dark. The odor is like a chemical or you can say like celery.

Whereas, cotton or paper burns and flare up when lit. No melted beads can be found. It smells like a burning paper. The smoke is grey or white.

Now it’s time for the results -

Results of the Flame Test

The baby wet wipe of ‘Mother Sparsh’ is real natural-based fabric. As it didn’t leave any hard beads after getting burnt. In addition, the odour was clear like a burning paper. It got flared up when burnt.

Hence, I would say, it is 100% BIODEGRADABLE and made up of natural fabric.

Proof 1 – Got Flared when burnt.

Proof 2 – No Hard beads. The edges were plain.

I found ‘Mother Sparsh’ baby wet wipes softer and gentler for my daughter’s skin. In addition, after doing this Flame Test at my home, I got confirmed and satisfied that I am not polluting my environment too.


The result and the opinion expressed in this blog is purely unbiased. There is no influence of the brand attached to it. The results of the tests are true and the test is been conducted by the author itself.

All images are subjected to be a Copyright material of Lovely Tiny Things. Any redistribution or reproduction of any part of the content in any form is prohibited.

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