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How to keep your child engaged during the holidays?

Summer Vacations are here! Its a time to play, to enjoy and to make fun. However, for a parent, it is a difficult time to keep her child engaged for good hours in some useful and productive activity.

Like every parent, you too must be wondering on How to keep a child engaged during the holidays? Well, this blog can be a useful one to you. In this blog, you will find some good things-to-do wherein you can keep your child engaged and busy. These ideas are easy, simple and pocket-friendly too.

How to keep a child engaged during the holidays?

There are plenty of good things-to-do in summer vacations. Some of the best and useful ideas are been listed below:

  • Play Puzzle

  • Reading Time

  • Crafting Activity

  • Activity books

  • Extra Curricular Time.


Puzzles are something which is loved by every age-group of people. It has several benefits which can be derived not only from adults but also from the children. Puzzles exercise your minds and broaden the way of thinking. It gives the children a platform wherein they can use their imagination and problem-solving skills. From Jigsaw to crossword puzzle and scrabble to word maze game, each one is a learning outcome for every child.

You can buy any good puzzle game for your child from any online or offline stores. Make sure you are buying an age appropriate puzzle game so that your child can enjoy.n buy any good puzzle game for your child from any online or offline stores. Make sure you are buying an age appropriate puzzle game so that your child can enjoy.


Books are always a person's true friend. The knowledge which you gain from the books is going to be with you all throughout your life. Therefore, it is important to inculcate the reading habits in child right from the young age, and vacations are the best time to start! Gift your child an interesting book and read it along with him. This book can be a comic, a knowledge-based or simple a storybook. Help him to understand the moral of the story or the theme of the book. Make him understand the meaning of some new words and try to answer much f his question related to this new book.

This will not only enhance his vocabulary but will also stimulate his concentration power. Your kid will start understanding the concept of the book by its own and will be able to divert his mind into some productive activity.


Crafting is an outcome of a creative mind. Not every adult is capable of doing such task which needs creativity. However, kids of age between 4-5 have more creativity in their minds than adults.

In a longitudinal test of creative potential, a NASA study found that of 1,600 4- and 5-year-old, 98 percent scored at "creative genius" level. Five years later, only 30 percent of the same group of children scored at the same level, and again, five years later, only 12 percent. When the same test was administered to adults, it was found that only two percent scored at this genius level. - Reports - Inc.Com

Having said that, let your child try some creativity. Technically speaking, creative skills are the second-most important skill sought in the world. The word 'creativity' not only includes painting, coloring or drawing, rather it also includes DIY activities which can help your child to learn something new and different. Creativity develops problem-solving skills with proper relevancy and novelty.


Activity books are really helpful in keeping a child engaged for some good hours. it offers an essential exercise for a child’s most important organ: the brain. Therefore, bring in some good activity books for your child according to its age and let him indulge in some good thought-process activities.

An ideal activity book should contain several interactive contents like games, puzzles, quizzes, pictures to colour in the book itself so that a child can learn something good and new. These activity books are widely available at online and offline stores. Personally, my kid's favorite activity book is Flipclass Little Genius Series. Every content is worthy and useful for a child.


All work no play can make anyone's life dull and boring. It is good for a child to be excellent in studies, however, it also somewhere add stress and boredom in life. Hence, extracurricular activities give the best chance to engage a child so as to provide a much-needed break from studies and restore their energy to retain knowledge. It helps a child in developing thinking skills, social skills, and it also boosts self-confidence.

Enjoyed reading this article? Share your love through your lovely comment and share this article further. If you have any other idea which can keep a child engaged during the holidays then do not forget to share it with us through your comments.

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