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How to make yourself happy?

Happiness should be a part of life, not a search.

To make yourself happy, it is important to understand what defines happiness. In simple terms, happiness is when your life fulfils your desire and needs. Or you may also say that happiness is when you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Happiness provides you with a feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence - Aristotle

Being happy is good for the self. However, many people skip being good to the self and start chasing towards some unrealistic goals and holding themselves for perfection. There is No mantra to make yourself happy. You will itself find yourself happy and content when you will start doing something nice for yourself each day.

However, certain ways can be adopted which can help you to keep happy. You may find these ways to be impossible or unreasonable for real life, though they are not so challenging that they cannot be adopted.

1. Be like a human again

Somewhere, in the mad race of achieving success and power, we all have lost that human-touch for which we all humans are known for. We are addicted to electronic gadgets and devices, behaving like an irrational human. Hence, for the time being, forget about that race and gadgets behind and be like a human again. This will not only make you happy but also to your loved ones.

2. Filter out some unwanted noise from your life

Our life is filled with different sounds. Some sounds are good to hear as they are always helpful and beneficial to us, whereas on the other hand, there are some sounds too which are nothing but only the noise, which is always misleading and painful. So it is better to filter out those unwanted sounds a.k.a noise out of your life so that whatever you listen, listen for good. Always remember, not every speaker is a good speaker, hence, choose the content, not the speaker.

3. Choose your friends carefully

Friendship has a major impact on your life's happiness as well as to success. Good friends celebrate happiness together and support each other in bad times, whereas a bad friend will not contribute anything to your happiness, instead, he will add an extra effort to demotivate and discourage you at every possible time. Therefore, choose your friends carefully, so that happiness can be multiplied, not divided.

4. Be productive, Not Busy

Image Courtesy: John Spencer

Who does not want to be a perfectionist in his work, but carrying out perfectionism is not a good thing. Working hard is good but in a smart way. Being busy in your work at all times will only make you rushed, but to keep yourself happy and relaxed, you have to be productive. You should focus on your work instead of being frantic.

5. Dedicate your every day for some meaningful activities too

Happy health results in a happy mind and soul. According to Harvard Medical School, several scientific pieces of evidence suggest that positive emotions can help to make life longer and healthier. Therefore, you should start focusing on the things that bring you not only happy health but also happy mind. There should be a time slot available for such meaningful activity in between the whole 24-hr. It can be anything - a long run, brisk walk, 30-mins meditation, or yoga. Do not forget if you are happy from your health, it will reflect through your mind.

6. Live your 'Today'

Each person has their own past, which somewhere affects their present and future. But living in the past, staying in the present will not make your future bright. Therefore, leave your past behind and learn something good from your past and use these lessons in your present. Live your 'today' and enjoy it to the fullest so that you have no grudges for your 'tomorrow'. This will not only keep you happy today but your 'tomorrow' will also be happy.

6. Let your dedication overpower your fear

As a human, it is quite obvious to have fear at some point. However, fear is driven by perceived danger or any threat, but when it becomes irrational and begins to dominate you at each point of your life, it is called phobia. Therefore, in this scenario, your dedication and perseverance should empower your mind, not your fear. The more dedicated you are to reaching your goals, the more successful you will be. Fear is one of the obstacles in life that prevents a person from being happy, so overcome this fear with your dedication and commitment.

7. Replace your worries with positive actions

Negative thoughts hamper the overall happiness of life. Our brain constantly monitors the emotional tone of our thoughts, therefore, too much of negativity may lead your brain to respond similarly by creating stress and sadness in your body. Therefore, add positive thoughts in your life which will give back happiness and relaxation. o, start boosting your positive thoughts, and reducing your negative thoughts.

8. Compare yourself to yourself, not with someone else

Usually, we compare ourselves with others and show our emotions accordingly. If we see ourself better than the others, we feel delighted, else we get sad and start cursing our destiny for not having all those things, which the others possess. But we do wrong. The actual comparison should be done with oneself. We should measure our worth by comparing 'both pictures' of ours. This will help us to introspect ourself as well to keep self happy because we will not be sad about not having everything.

9. Be genuinely happy for others

To make yourself happy you must be happy in the happiness of others. Do not behave like a critic in the success or happiness of others because it will make you sad and unhappy. There are no shortcuts for anyone in life. Everyone makes the same effort and sacrifices to achieve their goals of life. Therefore, be generous and be happy for others as well.

10. Give without any expectation

When you keep any high expectations and if it doesn't get fulfilled, it leads to disappointment, depression and anxiety. In other words, a human, some way around, is like a slave to its expectations, which ruins its life. The kindness and the politeness which you possess may not be the quality of others. Hence, do not expect anything from anyone, rather give the best and expect nothing in return. The more you live without expectations, the more you will be happy and content.

11. Show your loved ones that how much they are important to you

This is one of the most important things which can help you to be happy. Relations never works on a sole proprietorship. It has to be handled with care and love by both the partners. The more you express love and care, the more you will get. It has a major impact on your well being. There are scientific pieces of evidence as well which proves that when you let your loved ones know how much they are important to you, you get more love and care from them. That creates a happy environment which in turn uplifts your happiness graph too. So, love more and express it more to stay happy in your life.

12. Be grateful to the life which is yours

The most important way to make yourself happy is to be grateful for life which is yours. Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy life so beautifully and easily. Hence, if you are getting this life to live happily, then do not carry any dissent on your shoulders.

I hope my blog has been #helpful to you in providing some good ways to make yourself happy. Do share your Love and feedback in the comment section below and do not forget to share this #Blog with your loved ones and near ones.

Take Care and Be Happy.

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