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How to protect your skin and hair this Holi?

Holi, the festival of colours, brings happiness and excitement in environment. We all enjoy this beautiful festival by forgetting hatred and abomination. This festival is celebrated in almost every part of the country with all pomp and show. Everyone play with colour and throw colours to each other. With all fun with colours and delicious sweet and snacks, this festival takes toll to your hair and skin.

The colours played in Holi in the olden days were made from flowers which were not harmful to our skin and hair. But now as everything is changing, the method of preparing colors have also changed. Now the colours are been made up of harmful chemicals, dyes, toxic substances, etc., which in turn make our skin and hair very rough and dull.

Therefore, it is good to take care of your hair and skin before and after Holi celebration, so that you may not experience any negative impact on your hair and skin. So, before you head out for your Holi 2019 celebration, read this interesting blog to keep certain important things about skincare and hair care in mind:


  • Apply oil, preferably of mustard or coconut on your face and on your complete body. They act as a protective layer on the skin and also keeps your skin moisturized. In addition, these oils have antibacterial properties, which do not allow harmful chemicals to affect your soft and sensitive skin.

  • You may also apply sunscreen lotion/cream on your face and body. This will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun affecting your facial skin and body.

  • Apply dark shade of nail polish on your nails. It will prevent from the discoloration of your natural shiny nails otherwise, your nail may become dry and dull.

  • To protect your eyes, wear Kajal (Kohl), preferably of a good quality and brand. If possible wear the sunglasses too. The eyes are one of the most sensitive organ of a human body. If any harmful chemical goes inside your eyes, it may lead to severe irritation. Therefore, it is vital to protect your eyes as well.


You must have experienced dry and dull hair after the Holi celebration. This is due to the artificial colours and the toxic dyes which removes the natural shine and gloss of the hair. Therefore, you can try the following tips for your hair protection.

  • Apply a good amount of almond oil or coconut oil on your hair scalp a day before the Holi celebration. The oil will protect the natural layer of hair and will also lead to tangled and dull hair.

  • Tie up your hair completely. Do not keep your hair open as they will get fizzy. Prefer a braided ponytail (if the hair are long enough), otherwise wear head covers to protect your hair.

How to remove Holi colours?


Holi colours are too difficult to wash off completely from your body. Hence, while taking shower let the colours go off completely with the water first. Once you see the clear water running from your body, then apply your shampoo and body wash. Remember, do not be harsh on your skin by rubbing too hard in order to remove the Holi colour. If some parts of the body are still showing some sign of colours though after being rubbed, leave it. It will go off with the help of body moisturizer and lotion.

For washing off the colours from your face, use lukewarm water. You can add few drops of glycerin in it. Glycerin helps to retain the natural glow and shine of the skin.

Remember, always use mild shampoo and conditioner for cleansing purpose. In addition do not scratch your hair to remove Holi colours. After rinsing your hair properly, you can apply few drops of olive oil on your hair scalp to keep it nourished and moisturized.

If you have enjoyed reading this article, please do not hesitate to share this further. If you wan to share your thoughts and tip, comment down here. Would love to read your tips on hair care and skin care post Holi.

Happy Holi!

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