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How to reduce Belly Fat after Delivery?

After giving birth to a baby, the several changes happen in the body of the mother and one of them is the occurrence of the 'Belly Fat'. Belly Fat is the fat in the abdominal area which is usually estimated by measuring the circumference of the waistline. Fortunately, Belly fat is not a problem, however, it looks bad and is strongly linked to Type 2 Diabetes and Heart disease. Therefore, it is good if you are trying to reduce the belly fat after delivery.

To help I have listed down below some simple yet evidence based easy ways to reduce the belly fat after the delivery.

1. Avoid Sugar and sweetened products

Sugar and sweetened products should be avoided if you want to reduce the belly fat. It is one of the most reliable ways of reducing those extra fats from your abdominal area. Having low sugar diet will help you to cut down some unwanted extra calories from your diet which will further help you to lose weight.

2. Add Protein to your diet

Adding protein to a diet is a long-term strategy to reduce belly fat. Protein is a macro nutrient which is important for losing weight. The studies has shown that protein reduces the cravings and boosts your body's metabolism. Protein not only keeps you fuller for longer time, it also keeps you energetic. Therefore, a high protein diet can help you to reduce belly fat.

Try to have protein rich breakfast. It will help you to eat healthy diet without consuming unwanted calories. You can try Oatmeal, Moong Dal ka Chilla, Boiled eggs, Poha, Daliya, Sprouts, etc.

3. Exercise to stay Fit

An exercise helps to burn extra calories fast. Whether you run or walk, calories get burnt and the fat percentage in your body get decreased. Moreover, exercise not only reduces your belly fat, it also shed down the extra fat from the other body parts. Exercise keeps you energetic and fit all day long. Just take out only 10 minutes from your daily life schedule and exercise. The following three exercises can help you the best:

  • Push Ups

  • Squats

  • Bicycling (Cardio-Exercise)

4. Be Stressed Free

Several researches have proven that chronic stress can lead to an obesity. Stress releases a hormone called 'cortisol' which manages fat and energy use in a human body. When stress releases an extra cortisol, the appetite gets increased and you may find yourself craving more for sugary and fatty foods. Therefore, be stressed-free and take some breaks from your monotonous type of daily routine. Have some 'ME' time, listen to the music, get socialize with your friends and be relaxed.

5. Breastfeeding is GOOD for a Mother, too

Breastfeeding is not only useful and healthy for a baby, however, it is beneficial for a mother too. Each and every time a mother nurses her baby she burn calories from her body, naturally. It helps in maintaining healthy weight without compromising either her health or her baby's by dieting. Therefore, keep breastfeeding your baby extensively and you will reduce belly fat naturally.

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