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How to relax a baby from Colic Pains?

Many new moms face difficulty and get worried when they see their infant is crying a lot. However, babies generally cry a lot to express their need and want. It can be either due to hunger, tiredness, seeking attention, etc. But crying due to the colic pain is something different from the usual one. In this case, a baby cries inconsolably for hours and for no obvious reason. The crying session usually starts during the evening.

The reason behind the colic pain is not exactly known, however, many experts associate colic pain with abdominal pain. This abdominal pain can be caused due to any food allergy, over-feeding, improper digestion or inadequate burping. A baby suffering from the colic pain will show the following symptoms:

  • a bloated belly.

  • passes gas

  • Crying with an intense extremity.

  • bring the legs near to his chest while crying.

A colic pain usually goes away by itself by your baby's 4 months of age. Until this age, every new mom gets worried seeing this unusual crying behaviour of her baby. Therefore, the following tips can be followed to relax a baby from colic pains:

1. Use an Appropriate Feeding Bottle

Many new moms take the help of feeding bottle for feeding their baby apart from breastfeeding. If you are among the one, then choose the feeding bottle wisely. It should not allow your baby to gulp much air while taking a feed from the bottle. In addition, the bottle nipple should be of accurate size, anti-colic and should have a small hole so as to make the flow of the milk smooth. Moreover, it should be an extra-soft and allows an easy latch. Do not feed your baby with the bottle when he is lying on the bed. Make a slanting position to give bottle feed as it will not only prevent choking hazard but will also not allow your baby to swallow much air while sucking.

2. Take the help of physical Movement

When your baby is crying due to the colic pain, try to soothe your baby with a physical movement. When you walk carrying your baby, it relaxes your baby's senses and helps him to calm down. The body's warmth and rhythm help a baby to sleep peacefully.

Alternatively, if you have a baby rocker at home, then keep your baby in the rocker. The gentle movement may help your baby to relax.

3. Use Sound

A soft music can help you a lot in this case. Play a soft music or lullaby to relax your baby from the colic pain. Scientifically proven, a music helps to lift up the mood, helps to sleep better, and takes away the pain of all nature. Many babies respond well to the sound.

4. Swaddle the baby

We might feel that swaddling is uncomfortable for a baby, however, for a crying and fussy baby, swaddling is comfort like being in a womb. Tightly wrap your baby in a soft cotton cloth so that he or she cannot wriggle his or her arms. Swaddling provides a sense of warmth and security to a baby. Moreover, it also a baby to stay calm and relaxed.

5. Shh, Shh....!

Make this Shh sound into the ears of your colicky baby. Be loud in your voice so that your baby can hear your sound while crying too. A low and timid voice will not be effective in front of your 'super- loud' crying baby.

This 'shh' sound is known as white noise. These white noise is helpful in making a baby sleepy and consoled. it is a great tool to soothe a crying baby.

6. Baby Massage

A baby massage can be regarded as beneficial when your little munchkin is crying due to colic or a trapped wind in his digestive systems. A gentle clockwise massage while giving a firm pressure from one hand can be effective and helpful.

Remember, before giving massage to the abdomen, warm your hands. You can search on Google for the colic specific baby massage. Watch the videos carefully and understand the tutorials before trying it on your baby.

7. Burp

Burping is an important part of your baby's feed. It helps to get rid of those trapped air which is gulped during the feed. Therefore, burping is important after each and every feed. Congested air can make your baby spit out the feed or feel cranky or gassy.

To make your baby burp, take your baby on to your chest and gently pat his back. Make your palms cupped instead using the flat palm. to make pat gentler. Continue this patting for 5 minutes.

8. Take a break

It is quite understandable that for the parents it is very tiresome, annoying and full of frustration to handle a colicky baby. As this colic session goes on for a longer duration, it is good to take a break rather than being stressful and showing anger on a baby. It is been advised by the several pediatricians that the parents should take a break if nothing to seems to work. Handle your baby to a trusted family member, or to a babysitter, and come out of that particular room and try to be relaxed.

9. See your Doctor

Despite applying all possible ways to console and calm down your baby from the colic pain if no positive results are been observed, it is good to see your doctor for a proper medication. These prescribed medicines are helpful and effective enough to give an instant relief to your baby from the colic pain.

Lastly, I would say that remember Colic pain is not due to your fault, it is common in every baby and this stage will surely pass and will not going to stay forever.

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