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How to teach your child to write?

Every kid is different from one another. You may find one child to be enthusiastic and quick-learner, whereas the other maybe not so quick and fast. Thus, it is said that to develop writing skills in a toddler, a parent should keep patience and should also understand that the writing skills depends upon many factors. Not every toddler learns to write in the same manner. Hence, it is advisable that do not rush and give your child sufficient time to develop the writing skills.

How to Teach your Child to hold a Pencil

Before developing writing skills in your child, it is vital to teach how to hold a pencil correctly. The grip of the pencil varies from pencil to pencil. The triangular shaped pencils have more grip and allow smooth writing without giving much pressure on fingers. Teach your kid to hold the pencil with only two fingers - thumb and index finger. And if possible, give a short pencil to start with, so that your child can understand the level of pressure which required in order to write with a pencil.

Let your child to colour

If your child is facing difficulty in holding a pencil, then try with plastic crayons. Let your child colour with using plastic crayons or color pencils. Plastic crayons or colour pencils are helpful in providing sufficient grip as they are in shape as like triangular pencils and can be erased and sharpened too. Moreover, colouring activity helps to develop more concentration as bright colours and creativity keep a child engaged for a longer duration of time.

Make writing a fun time for your child

In order to make your child understand how to write, it is important to make this activity a total fun and something different than usual. This can be done in several ways:

1. Use finger paints - let your child write her name with the help of colours in the canvas/drawing notebook using her fingers. This will develop an interest in writing and she will learn new ways to be creative. However, make sure that you're using non-toxic and child-friendly quality of colours. Moreover, this whole-activity has to be done under a parent or guardian supervision.

2. Use water gun - Using of water gun teach your child how to write is really helpful as it involves a lot of fun and it helps a child to memorize the alphabet also. Ask your kid to write letters on the concrete wall using the water gun spray. This will help your kid to identify the alphabets and memorize them too at the same time having fun as well. But yes, be ready to get wet.

3. Allow your child to play with letters -

Play dough is the best option to make your child inclined towards writing. This will let your child play while learning letters. Furthermore, it will also develop dexterity and muscles.

Tracing of letters

Pattern Writing or the tracing of letters is really a good way to teach your child how to write. You can do this by writing an alphabet on a sheet of paper and asking your child to trace it over. It can also be done by 'joining the dots' method. Help your child to understand how the tracing or the pattern writing happens and guide him well.

There are many other ways too to help your child to start writing, however, the key to the solution is the 'Patience'. The parents have to maintain a good level of patience while teaching their kid how to write. Remember, a child takes time to learn something new, and writing is something which takes time to reach on the expertise level.

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