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5 Best Kids Clothing Brands in India

Shopping for a child often leads to confusion. One has to be very careful about the fabric, its longevity as well as of its overall quality. Several brands claim to be the best in terms of kidswear. Hence, to select the most suitable items of clothing for your child, it is important to know some of the best kids' clothing brands in India. Lovely Tiny Things presents you the list of 5 best kids clothing brands in India which you can consider while shopping for your child.


BabyHug is an in-house brand of FirstCry (an Indian online Store) and was launched in the year 2017. The best thing about this brand the widest range of kids' clothing. Moreover, it also deals with Kid's gear and accessories. The quality of the fabric is also very nice and does not lead to any complaints. Pricewise, BabyHug products are very economical and budget-friendly, and the site also offers some good discounts too. The service delivery is available pan India and even they have got a very easy return policy.

BabyHug brand is in one of the most trusted brands of India.


Cucumber kidswear range comes for a newborn to a toddler of 3-5 years old. The fabrics are comfortable, durable, and look good. The brand claims that every fabric undergoes multiple levels of quality check and it delivers clothes made up of 100% cotton. The materials are very soft and hence become the safest choice for the little infants and toddlers. The price range is also very nominal and comes easily into the pocket. The bright prints do not look faded even after multiple washes.

BerryTree is India's first brand who deals in organic cotton clothing for kids. BerryTree deals in the kidswear starting for the newborns and up to the age of 8 years. The fabric is of 100% organic cotton and it is super soft and comfortable. The prints look soothing and absolutely a great choice for young children. It has got some wonderful collection to explore and purchase for your little kiddo.


Max Fashion is a division of Lifestyle India Pvt. Ltd and had opened its first store in the year 2006 and now it has more than 200 stores throughout the country. Max fashion has got a wide variety of clothing range specifically to kids, including their accessories. The fabric and the overall quality of the product are unmatchable. The kids' clothing range includes almost everything, hence it is like a one-stop for everything. The price is also very suitable according to the clothes fabric and design and it caters to almost every need and requirement of its customers.

Gini & Jony

Gini & Jony is India's famous and one of the oldest brands which specifically caters to the kidswear range. Their outfits are bright, vibrant yet comfortable to wear. Gini & Jony also offer kids accessories that absolutely stand out with your kid's personality. They offer fashionable and long-lasting outfits to suit your needs.

Delight your kid with awesome clothing from these brands and let me know your opinions on the same. And also please comment do you have any other brand which you prefer to choose while purchasing clothes for your kiddo?

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