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My Journey as a First Time Mom

Becoming a mother for the first time is always special. A mother never forgets the first look of her baby, her first word, her first step, etc. Every first incident becomes the happiest moment for every parent. Every mother wants to give best to her baby. And when it comes to a matter of care, it has to be the best with no compromise. When I became the mother for the first time, I used to be very particular for my daughter’s hygiene. As wipes have become modern day’s parenting convenience, I always wanted something natural and pure for my little one. Despite, receiving loads of ‘free’ advice on baby care products, I always followed what my instinct guided me. When I was in the search of a good baby wet wipes, one of my close friends suggested me to use a new water-based wet wipes for my daughter, named as ‘Mother Sparsh Water based wet wipes’. She asked me to try this wet wipe on my newborn baby’s delicate skin. According to her, this was the best and she has become a loyal customer of this product. Initially, I was sceptical, but I thought to give it a try as it was the India's #Firstwaterwipes.

So, here I am going to share my experiences after using ‘Mother Sparsh Water based wet wipes’ on my daughter’s delicate skin. As a #FirstTimeMom, the following experiences are worth reading.

1. The fabric of this wet wipe is really soft and as good as cotton. It gives a feeling of being gentle and pure. It contains 98% water which makes it better than the other competitive brands.

2. It is biodegradable as it is made up of 100% plant fabric. Therefore, it not harmful for our nature also.

3. When it comes to the matter of hygiene, the ‘diaper rash’ comes in to the mind. But thankfully, this wet wipe prevents diaper rashes and it is clinically proven. Moreover, my daughter does not feel any sort of irritation after using this wipe.

4. The fragrance is the best thing I love in this water-based wet wipe. It is very pleasant, fresh and soothing. Whereas, many other competitive brands do use some chemical based fragrances which are not good for the baby’s sensitive skin.

Overall, my experiences with this baby wet wipe are happy and positive. My daughter never faced any skin related issue while using this product and if you are also looking for some pure and gentle for your newborn, then this is the right choice for you. Water is the purest form of nature and nothing can beat its serenity. Therefore, instead of using wet clothes as a wipe, you can try this water-based wet wipes so as to be sure that you are giving a safe and gentle care to your little one. These wet wipes are a convenient way to cleanse your baby’s delicate and soft skin on a daily basis.

Watch this lovely video to cherish your #FirstTimeMom experience.

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