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Pregnancy Week 7

A complete information guide on pregnancy week 7.

It's the 7th-week of pregnancy and the majority of us like to keep it secret. In spite of the fact that we share this news with our friends and family yet we, by and large, don't unveil this happy news to everybody. In any case, we consistently look for information about our fetal development, and the care which should be taken, and so on as the seventh week is close around 2 months of pregnancy.

Hence, in this blog, we will answer your questions.


As the weeks are passing, your baby now resembles a size of a blueberry which is about 0.51 inches (doubled from a week ago) with a progressively characterized face, appropriately framed nostrils, eyes, and ears. The brain development has started and will continue until the last trimester of the pregnancy. With the passage of pregnancy weeks, the brain will divide into three sections - Forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. Baby has her eyelids too, but now it is closed.

This is an advanced stage for your baby's arms and legs as well. The fingers and toes will seem to be webbed. Your baby has kidneys that are working and very soon your baby will begin to pee. Your baby's digestive organs are likewise developing and protruding into the umbilical line. The organ called the pancreas has been formed as well and very soon it will begin delivering the hormone required for good digestion.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 7th Week

This is an early stage of pregnancy and symptoms may not change much, rather they are more noticeable. The symptoms of pregnancy at the 7th week may look as under:

Headaches - The hormones responsible for morning sickness, fatigue and stress are also responsible for Headaches. This headache may result out of physical or emotional stress which you are might experiencing during this period.

Drink more freshwater, relax as much as possible, and consume healthy snacks whenever it is possible. This all will help you in handling headaches.

Please remember, do not take any medicine without your doctor's permission for treating headaches or any other pregnancy symptom thinking that it has helped you before. Because there are several medicines that are not considered to be safe during pregnancy and lactation.

Frequent Urination - The most reason behind frequent urination is the expansion of kidneys due to the change in hormones and the increased blood volume. Furthermore, the growing fetus gives pressure to your bladder which makes you feel to go for urination more frequently. A useful tip: Do not reduce your intake of liquids. Rather drink more glasses of freshwater, and avoid carbonated drinks, tea and coffee.

Mild Pelvic Cramps - You might feel little spotting too, which actually means pelvic cramps. This is nothing to get worried about as this is normal. You just need to take much rest and eat healthily. Pregnancy do a lot of change in the body inside, therefore it feels very different while being pregnant.

However, if you see these cramps to be pretty unusual and heavy, then consult the doctor immediately.

Other than these symptoms, morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness may also happen to you as general pregnancy symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions at 7th week of pregnancy

Question: How will I know that I am pregnant with twins?

Answer: If you conceived using fertility drugs and treatments like IVF or IUI, or you have a family history of twins, then you may have higher chances of delivering twins or multiple. You may find out the number of zygotes in your fetus right after the 6th week of your pregnancy. Moreover, your doctor can help you by hearing the sets of heartbeats in your fetus.

Question: Is there any food I should avoid in my complete pregnancy?

Answer: You should avoid eating seafood, as it contains a high amount of mercury which is not safe during pregnancy. Do not eat half-cooked or raw fruits and vegetables. It is okay to consume caffeine if it is below 200mg/day. Avoid drinking herbal tea, as some herbs are not safe during pregnancy.

You should avoid consuming street foods and snacks as there comes a question of hygiene which may relate to food poisoning. It is said to stay safe as much as possible during pregnancy because immunity gets low and you may not have that handling capacity as well.

Question: Will I be able to see my baby via Ultrasound?

Answer: Your baby is too tiny to be visible clearly. However, you can hear your baby's heartbeat using a heartbeat tracker whenever you visit your doctor for a routine check-up.

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