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Recipe of Handi Paneer

Hey, my dear foodie! Are you looking out for some yummy ways to cook paneer? If so, then try this mouthwatering Indian dish, Handi Paneer. This is an easy and quick recipe made from cottage cheese or you can say Paneer.

Handi Paneer is one of the famous Indian curry dishes, that is commonly available at every Indian restaurant. This recipe is quite easy and quick to make without any hassles. It tastes good with Indian bread, which we call Chapati. It is good for all age food lovers and goes with all kind of occasions.

Please note, Handi Paneer can be cooked well without using onion, but I have used onion in the recipe of Handia Paneer. So, without wasting any more time, let me share the ingredients list of Handi Paneer with you all.

The above ingredients list is good to serve 3 - 4 people. Additionally, you will require an Aluminium foil wrap or a kneaded dough for giving 'dum' to the recipe. Now let us move on to its method of cooking.


Please follow the instructions given below for making tasty Handi Paneer -

  • Take Paneer and cut them into square or diamond-shaped pieces. Make sure the pieces are not too big or thick. Once done with all, swallow fry them in cooking oil. Take them aside.

  • Take Handi or any hard vessel that has got a thick base. You can use a thick base pressure cooker, too. (Though we need not have to pressure cook them). I have used Hawkins Futura hard anodised 3-litres Handi. Hawkins Futura Handi can be used on both gas and induction. Now, put some cooking oil into it and keep the gas flame to medium. Once the oil gets hot, put chopped onions and saute them.

  • Onions turn translucent when they are cooked. So when you notice this transformation in onions, it's time to add tomato puree, slit green chillies, and grated garlic. Keep stirring them and sauteeing them until the smell of rawness is gone.

  • Add yoghurt and other mentioned dry spices: coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and garam masala powder. Next, add salt as per the taste. Mix it well. Now to maintain the proper consistency of the curry, you need to add water. Add water as per the desired consistency, however, make sure it does not too runny. The actual consistency of Handi Paneer curry is somewhere around thick. Put the lid and let it get cook for 3- 4 minutes.

  • Next, add a swallow fried paneer to the gravy and stir it gently. Make sure, the pieces of Paneer does not get broken while mixing and stirring. Cover the lid again.

Tip For a Perfect Handi Paneer:

  1. For making Handi Paneer when applying dum, make sure it is air-tight, else the gravy will not have a great taste.

  2. You can also put aluminium foil paper or dough, to cover the lid. This will help you in getting the perfect taste of Handi Paneer.

After applying dum to Handi Paneer for approximately 3-4 minutes on a low flame, your dish is ready to be served! Put the flame off; you may add chopped coriander leaves to garnish. Serve hot with Chapati or Naan.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this yummy article. Keep following this blog for more such taste and tummyful recipes. Till then, take care, bye.....

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