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Sensitive baby wipes with No Perfume: Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh

We have so many brands in the market which cater to the needs of baby hygiene and care. However, I prefer whichever the product I choose for my toddler, it has to be an extra gentle and soft. Recently, I came across ‘Mother Sparsh 99% Water based Wet Wipes’. I thought what’s so New about it? This brand already has their 98% water based wet wipes and I am already using it for my little one, therefore, I thought let’s give a try to this new water-based baby wipes.

Hence, after using it on my daughter for a month, I am sharing a detailed review along with a reason why to buy this baby wet wipe for your little one.

About the Brand

Mother Sparsh is an Indian company who has launched India’s first Eco-friendly water-based wet wipes while keeping the well-being of both babies and the environment. It has been recognized as India’s Wipes brand. Its water-based wet wipes are made up of natural plant-based fibre. To know more about the brand click here.

Top Features

The fabric is of Medical Grade Cloth. This means that this wet wipe is extra gentle and soft for the cleaning the baby’s sensitive part of the body. In addition, it can also be used for the cleansing purpose of hand and mouth.

It is unscented and fragrance-free. This is the best feature of this water-based wet wipes. The unscented feature makes it natural and chemical free without losing its performance.

These water-based wet wipes are made up of extra thick fabric (3 times thicker than the ordinary wet wipes). The fabric is derived from the plant pulp. I compared Mother Sparsh Baby water-based wipes with the ordinary wipes and the results can be clearly seen with the transparency level. The ordinary wipes are more transparent as compared to the Mother Sparsh 99% water-based wet wipes.

Its packaging ensures its safety with moisture lock lid. It protects the moisture and keeps the wipes wet for a longer duration. In addition, the packaging looks premium with a beautiful combination of blue and white colour.

It is an excellent product for sensitive skin of a baby as it provides a gentle care and hygiene to your little one.

Like its previous range of wet wipes, this New Mother Sparsh 99% Water-based wipe is 100% biodegradable in nature. This makes it best for our Mother Earth too. It does not cause any harm to our environment as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned top features, the Mother Sparsh Baby wet wipes are free from Parabens and Alcohol which gives a feel of a velvet touch. Moreover, using it for more than a month, I have realized that it prevents diaper rash too as its major component is water which is the purest form of nature. Therefore, cleaning of the sensitive parts does not let them exposed to chemicals and other unwanted components, and thus, it becomes safe and suitable for cleaning hand and mouth as well.

So, what’s NEW if compared with the previous range of water-based wet wipes?

This can be best explained with the help of the following comparison chart:

Features Comparisons Mother Sparsh 98% water wipes Mother Sparsh 99% unscented

Fragrance YES (Scented/fragrance wipes) NO (Unscented)

Skin Type Normal Skin Sensitive skin/Extra gentle

Fabric Plant derived/Natural fabric Plant derived + 3-times thicker + Medical-Grade fabric

Plastic Lid Not available (Resealable Sticker) Yes (Moisture lock plastic lid)

Biodegradable/Eco-Friendly YES YES

Price 188/- (80 Pcs baby wipes) 299/- (72 Pcs baby wipes)

I hope that the above comparison is a self-explanatory about the add-on NEW features. As said before, after using Mother Sparsh 99% water-based wet wipes for a month, I am more than a happy and a satisfied mother. Although, I have used several other brands too, however, all those brands have not given such positive and good results as this brand has given me.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend this brand to the other #FirstTimeMom who are looking for some genuine baby care products for their little one. As it is being rightly said, “being a mother for the first time is always special.”

To buy this amazing product, click here.

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