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Remember these Ten Things while Traveling with Kids during monsoons

Monsoon is a time which brings back freshness and fun. It is a great time to see mesmerizing waterfalls, Nature's beauty, and greenery, and yes, of course, a great time for trekking too. Travelling and a long drive obviously look too beautiful and adventurous, but when you are with your kids, then it becomes vital to know certain things while you're travelling with kids during monsoon.

Monsoon is a time which brings back freshness and fun. It is a great time to see mesmerizing waterfalls, Nature's beauty, and greenery, and yes, of course, a great time for trekking too. Travelling and a long drive obviously looks too beautiful and adventurous, but when you are with your kids, then it becomes vital to know certain things while you're

So come, let us continue reading this article to know which are those 10 things to remember while travelling with kids during monsoons.

Traveling with kids during monsoons

Necessary clothing

This is the first and the foremost thing to remember that beside carrying sufficient numbers of comfortable clothes, it is vital to carry raincoats as well. An umbrella is not so child-friendly when the monsoon is its peak. Kids get drenched even staying under the umbrella, but raincoat covers them to the best and children can stay hands-free.

Carry important medicines

Diarrhea and other stomach infections are common during the monsoon. Hence, do not forget to carry some basic yet important medicines for loose motions, cough and cold, and mild fever. And yes, ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) powder is important too. These medicines can be best carried in small travel-friendly medical kit box which is widely available online and as well as at any nearby medical store.

Insect / Mosquito Repellent is Vital

Most of us usually forget or simply ignore to carry any mosquito or insect repellent while travelling, but we do not think that this tiny creature can create a lot of trouble. Mosquitoes and other tiny insects are more active during the rainy season, and they can find any way to bite or sting our little ones. Hence, always carry an insect/ mosquito repellent while traveling with kids during monsoon.

Select your destination wisely.

Though there are many good places which can be enjoyed during monsoon, it is important to finalize your destination keeping in view the presence of your child. Not every child is willing to walk or travel long hours. Therefore, prioritize those places which are suitable for the child during monsoon. There are some really good places in India which are especially beautiful during the rain, and child friendly like Lonavala (Maharashtra), Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu), Munnar and Wayanad (Kerala), Coorg (Karnataka), and many others. In addition to the above, these places are quite budget-friendly too.

Wear Comfortable footwear

Footwear is something which is going to make your travel more comfortable and relaxing. Remember, not every footwear is suitable during the monsoons, and this implies with the kid's footwear too. Usually, we carry more than one pair of shoes/sandals with us while travelling; however, if it is a rainy season, then simply carry only a pair of those shoes/sandals, which are especially for the rainy seasons. You can try searching for these sorts of footwear if you're travelling with kids during monsoons.

  • Shoe with Rubber Sole

  • Water Resistant Leather Shoe

  • Waterproof Leather Boot

  • Slip-on Sandals for rainy season

  • Floaters for rainy season

  • Crocs, etc.

Do not forget some Light and Dry snacks

Munching some snacks always give a wonderful feeling and it is one of the ways to reduce boredom among the children. Hence, do not forget to carry some of the favourite snacks of your child while traveling. These snacks will not only help you to tackle their exertion,but it will also help to meet their short hunger pangs. Eating outside may not be possible all the time and among kids hygiene becomes a major concern, therefore, these snacks will help. A good snack can be a soft and stuffed/flat Indian bread, which is usually famous in India with the name of Paratha, or Thepla, or it can be either sauteed sweet corns mixed with melted butter, some swallow fried paneer (cottage cheese) cubes, choco-banana sandwich, etc.

These snacks will also help you to serve your child with healthy and hygienic food as and when they feel hungry because it is been cooked at home by you.

Carry sufficient fresh drinking water

Whichever the season is, water saves you from every unwanted disease and infection. Carrying a sufficient amount of freshwater is always beneficial especially when you are traveling with kids in monsoon. If you are planning to buy water to drink from outside then please note that water gets contaminated first in monsoons. Moreover, not every selling water is not mineral water, which is treated, processed and made safe to drink. And, you cannot even confirm that every local vendor is selling off a good brand of mineral water. Therefore, to be on the safer side, carry sufficient bottles of drinking water for your kids, so that they can be assumed to be in good health throughout the traveling.

Mode of Traveling

This is indeed a crucial point to remember when you are traveling with kids during monsoons.

The mode of traveling can be selected on the basis of your destination and the health of your child. There are several kids who has the problem of motion sickness and due to which they vomit a lot while traveling. It all happens due to several triggering factors like the smell of diesel/petrol, suffocation due to the AC of the car, dizziness, air pressure, etc. Therefore, please consider the health status of your child and then select the mode of traveling. On the other hand, there some of the destinations which are good to reach via roadways, but roads are generally not safe during monsoons because of the traffic jam, landslides, uneven paths, etc., creates a lot of trouble. Hence, consider these points too.

Think about the sanitation, too!

Sanitation becomes a major concern for every traveler. Be it an adult, or a child, hygiene is the first priority. As we all know that in India, most of the toilets are of a 'squat style', therefore make sure that clean running water is available to use. Else, for kids, it is good to use baby wipes, which can also be used by young children as well. And for the hygiene purpose, carry a hand sanitizer which can be used as and when it is required. In addition to it, carry a soap or an anti-bacterial handwash in a portable bottle. This will help the most.

Do not forget to carry some of the cloth bags with you so that you can throw out the waste easily in the dustbin.

Do not stay much under the rainwater

Getting drenched with rainwater gives itself a feeling of adventure and fun, but remember staying much in the rainwater is also not good for health. And the kids get affected a lot due to this prolonged fun. Hence, be safe and stay healthy throughout your travel so that you can cherish some good and happy memories throughout your life.

I hope this article is good to all of you and it was helpful too. Please share your thoughts, or experiences (if any) in the comments section below. And if you feel that this blog can be helpful for a friend or family, do not hesitate to share it further.

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