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These books have SAVED me from Depression

I am writing this blog, thinking there can be several others who may be experiencing stress and anxiety during this pandemic situation. I believe books are the best friend of humanity. Books can never deceit anyone. Honestly speaking, whenever I feel low, I pick up my favourite books from the motivational genre and start reading it. It helps me a lot to come out of the negative thoughts. Hence sharing with you all the list of books which can help in boosting positive thoughts. Hope this article will help.

Negative thoughts, anxiety, depression can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender. However, adults suffer from negative thoughts more and suffer from it a lot. Feeling blue can be the result of any of the reasons - relationship breakup, unsettled career, non-progressive environment, etc. In these kinds of environments, it becomes really difficult to express our feelings and thoughts. Therefore, in this type of situation, when nobody is there to listen to you, to help you and to guide you, consider a book as your saviour.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”– Charles W. Eliot

Here is the list of books worth reading to feel motivated when you are sad and depressed.


Reflections of a man is a book authored by Mr Amari Soul. This book is designed for both men and women to enhance the quality of their personal relationships. I purchased this book in 2017, and I got so addicted to this book that I still read it again and again whenever I feel some low in my personal relationships. And trust me, every time after reading this book, I feel better and relaxed.

the book Reflections of a Man
Reflections of a Man

I believe this is best suited for a lady reader because this book encourages a woman to understand and recognize the true value of her love, and to make a wise decision in choosing her partner so that she may not regret in her life.

For men, this book encourages them to respect the emotional needs of a woman. It shows what a woman wants from her man so that none of them has to compromise in their standards.

At Amazon, the book, Reflections of a Man, costs for INR 820.00 for its paperback format, whereas it hardcover format retails for INR 1867.00. To make its purchase, you can click here - Reflections of a man.


You Can Win is an International Bestseller book authored by Shiv Khera. This book published its first edition in the year 1998 and since then it's more than 3 million copies have already been sold. This book is one of my favourites and inspire me from every front. The language of this book is easy-to-read and provides a practical and common sense guide to its reader. There are several wisdom quotes mentioned in the book along with the ways these quotes can be applied in today's modern-day thinking. You Can Win helps you to establish goals in your life and how you can achieve them with new ideas and thoughts. It stimulates positive thinking and attitude in you which will help to win in your every aspect of your life.

I would recommend this book to those who feel depressed for their career and professional life. This book will help them to regain their confidence and positive attitude towards life. The best part of this book is the various examples, or you can say the short stories which are mentioned in the book which depicts the wisdom of life. These short stories or examples are very much motivating and inspiring.

The book, You Can Win, is available at Amazon and retails for INR 248.00 (paperback format). If you're willing to buy it for yourself or to gift it to your loved ones, you can click here - You Can Win

The book You Can Win
You Can Win


the book How to Talk so Kids Will Listen And Listen so Kids will Talk
How to Talk so Kids Will Listen And Listen so Kids will Talk

This is one of the best books on parenting genre. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen And Listen so Kids will Talk is an international bestseller and it helps every parent to discover practical ideas to face everyday parenting struggle. The book, How to Talk so Kids Will Listen And Listen so Kids will Talk, is authored by the parenting experts, Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish.

Being a parent of two, I can understand that not every day becomes ideal for every parent and child. Some silly argument takes up an ugly face and turns out completely different. However, this book can help a parent to understand

how to change the pattern of argument positively.

  • How can parents cope with their children's negative feelings?

  • How can parents encourage children's cooperation?

Furthermore, this book guides parents to set certain limits to maintain the goodwill of both parents and of children. Parents can understand how they can express their anger without being hurtful. This book will also help to resolve the parent-child conflict peacefully without hurting anyone.

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