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What a Toddler of 1 year should do?

Complete information on the Toddler's development after the age of one year.

Your baby has now become an independent child. Now he also knows how to walk freely, or he might be learning. However, by this time, you may see a lot of developmental changes in your little kid which includes not only physical but also language and behavioural.

One-year-old Baby Milestone: Physical development

Until the age of one year, baby's weight grows rapidly and it becomes almost the thrice of the birth weight. But after this constant weight growth during the entire year, the weight growth rate becomes slow which almost becomes stagnant. However, physical growth maintains its pace and your baby becomes more active and playful. Now she is more interested in her activities and plays rather than trying something new food in her meal. She throws up a lot of tantrums while having a single bite of her favourite food. But parents, do not be worried, it is all normal and common.

One-year-old baby milestone: Motor Skills

By the age of one year, your little one may have started walking independently, or soon she will take her independent first step. Your baby is now capable of holding things perfectly, like comb, spoon, her favourite toy, etc. Although she may not be able to use this stuff correctly, she knows what are its uses. She can play with her toys like stack and blocks.

One-year-old baby milestone: Language and Communication Development

Your little champ now waves 'tata' and 'GoodBye'. She/he is capable of pointing to any objects. She/he babbles a lot which resembles the words used in normal speech. She/he calls 'Mumma' and 'papa' specifically to mother and father. She/he now identifies her/his name and responds accordingly when being called.

Moreover, if you ask - where is your nose? - you may get a response too. Likewise, your toddler is capable of answering many other simple questions as well.

One-year-old baby milestones: Behavioural Development

By the age of one year, a toddler starts understanding and enjoying small funny games like peekaboo, pat-a-cake, tickles, etc. He/she feels proud when you appreciate his/her newly achieved skill like standing without support, walking, etc. At the same, he/she did not like to stay without you.

What if you don't see any of the above development in your child?

If you do not see any of the-above-mentioned development in your child then you should seek a doctor's help. Every child develops at its own pace and it may possible that you may not see 100% of the above-mentioned development. Some kids achieve their milestone before the age, whereas on the other hand, some kids take some time to attain it. Hence, do not be worried, and consult with your doctor if you notice any of the following:

  • walks with a limp or uneven stride

  • when falling, falls forward instead of backward

  • cannot pick up a small object (like a raisin) and does not feed himself or herself

  • does not point at objects

  • does not babble with consonant sounds ("ba, da, ga") 

(Content Source: WebMD, Kids Health)

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