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Why Toys are important for a child development?

Every kid loves playing with a toy. Whether he is a newborn or a toddler, a toy becomes his first friend. The loud sound of rattles and the colorful merry-go-round toy attracts the attention of every child. But have we ever understood the significance of these toys? Toys are not only for the fun and gaming purpose, instead it plays a major role in the overall development of a child.

Let us now understand the importance of toys in a child development.

Develops eye-hand coordination

It is a very surprising fact that newborns do not know that their hands are the part of their body. Until the age of six months, they use eye and hand separately. Till this age a baby can hold an object without looking on it and even can look at the object without touching it. Surprising, right? But this is a fact.

Hence, to develop a proper eye-hand coordination, the toys like rattle can be of great help. A rattle toy that can be placed in the small hand of the baby makes a loud sound when it is shaken. By doing this, the eyes and ears try to identify the location of the sound and here baby understands and develops the proper coordination between these major body parts.

Helps in expressing emotions

Toys are the best way to develop emotions and feelings in a child. When a child feels happy while playing with a toy, he gets excited and feels laughter, on the other hand, he cries or gets angry when he dislikes a toy. All these emotions and expressions are well developed and expressed with the help of a toy.

Physical development

Toys also contribute to the physical development of a child by emphasizing upon the large motor skills. The toys like 'push and pull' 'ride-on' 'rockers' etc. requires muscle power and strength to play, which in turn improves the balance and large motor skills in the child. In addition, it also teaches cause and effect relationship to the child. Please avoid battery operated toys as it less opportunity to utilize the strength of a child.

Improves Concentration

Toys keep the child engaged for a loner duration of time which improves the concentration power. It sparks the imagination and also stimulates the mental development in the child. The toys like 'Building Blocks' 'Stack and Join' 'Puzzle', etc can be taken into consideration. Allow your child to use his own imagination and creativity. And yes, do not forget to applaud for his good work!

Useful for an educational purpose too

Many toys are good for an educational purpose as well. 'Abacus' , 'Jigsaw Puzzle' depicts the problem solving techniques and mathematical propositions. For an older kid, 'Scrabble' is perfect game to improve the vocabulary and other language skills.

Toys not only provide entertainment but also enhance cognitive behaviour and creativity. Remember, not all toys are appropriate for all age kids, therefore, select a toy according to the age of your child so that it can contribute wisely to your child's development.

Happy Playing!

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