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5 Reasons to why every mother should use smart devices in her life

The question - 'Why do we need Smart devices in our life' is something very neutral in nature. It has equal numbers of pros and cons associated with it. We know that we all are living in the golden age of growth and development of the technology. Where we thank our technology one side, on the other side, there is some point where we criticize it as well. However, personally speaking, most of the time I overlook the disadvantages of technology and smart devices as it has helped me a lot in some of the critical conditions too.

I still remember very well that six years before, I was completely a 'non-admirer' of the technology and the other smart devices. I used to take the help of it in hardly any of the casual circumstances. However, when I started using all necessary smart gadgets and devices, I realized that they are a life-saver if been used appropriately.

Now, you all may wonder that being a mother and a home maker, how can I support and favour the usage of smart gadgets as they all can lead to many complications in kids and other family members. Therefore, to answer this astonishment, I have listed down 5 reasons to why every mother should use smart devices in her life.

1. Makes a life easy and comfortable

Smart devices make life easy and comfortable in several ways. The information which is available on a smart device is much more accurate and precise. While travelling alone to any far place, I always prefer to take the help of Google Maps (available in every smartphone), instead of asking any local resident. I feel more confident and self-dependent as I get accurate information about each route map. In addition, we can surf the internet on Laptop or on any smartphone to get the information on any desired thing, be it on child care, education or even on parenting tips.

Furthermore, home automation, which is also called as a smart home controls lights, entertainment systems and other home appliances. Once they are connected with the Internet they become an important constituent of a house.

2. Good for security and safety

It is difficult to leave a child alone in the hands of a third person which acts as a caregiver. Moreover, elderly parents leaving alone at home, become a real matter to worry. And when it comes to going out for a vacation, the first question that strikes the mind is about the security of a lonely house. Therefore, being a homemaker, I always suggest installing a good CCTV camera or a smart camera at home, so that the level of worry can be reduced down to a certain level.

A good home CCTV camera or a smart camera comes with a feature of a Night vision and it can be used for both Indoors and Outdoors. Although it seems to be a bit expensive, still it is a good option to be considered for safety and security.

3. Good for accurate information

Nowadays, Google Home is a lot in demand. It is a voice-controlled WiFi speaker for home. You can ask questions, set daily reminders, and even can get news updates. For the entertainment purpose, you can play music from the popular streaming services. Furthermore, it can also be used to control other smart devices at home.

As I am using this product at my home, therefore, I must recommend this smart device for every nuclear home. For every mom, it is going to be of great help. We need to keep a lot of things in mind as a reminder. So why not take the help of this virtual assistant. So dear all moms, buy this product and get yourself relieved!

4. Help with your Health

Smart watches are like a smart wearable which has built-in GPS which helps you with the physical location and the map routes. I believe this is the best gift that a mother can gift it to herself. A healthy home comes with a healthy mother. While taking care of everyone, we often forget about our self. Health is important for a mother too. With the use of this smartwatch, one can track exercise time, calories burned, heart rate, and other fitness features. At the same time, you can also receive calls, message, and email someone.

5. Minimizes your Electricity Bills

The usage of the Smart Lights is the best way to minimize your electricity bill. Smart lights consume less power and have more life than the normal fluorescent bulbs. The best feature of using the smart lights or the smart LED lights is its ability to dim. No other normal bulb can give you this feature. You can control this with a built-in app from any smartphone. This is useful for the security purpose as well. In case, you forget to switch Off the lights while going out of your home, then you can simply do this with the help of this app. Many smart lights come with a voice control feature wherein you can also set daily reminders. Isn't it great!

Lastly to conclude, smart devices are been designed to support your life in the best possible way. However, excessive use of anything is not good always. If the technology is been used in a proper way, technology is no way other than a boon to life.

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Nov 24, 2021

I used these smart devices to enhance security. Locksmith bronx ny experts have installed those locks in my apartment and i have really seen that those locks offer more security than normal locks.


Samidha Mathur
Samidha Mathur
Jan 02, 2019

Thanks a lot.


Very useful and thoughtful Samidha..well written

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