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How to cope with your work while being pregnant?

Work along with pregnancy is not at all easy. It not only gives stress to you but also makes you exhausted. Juggling in between the pregnancy symptoms and your daily office routine can be sometimes tricky. If you are healthy and without any pregnancy complications then pregnancy and work can move on smoothly together until you go into labor. Still, it is advisable to be in a safe working environment wherein you can take some shorts breaks in between your work schedule.

When your pregnancy symptoms rule your body and your baby bump goes prominent, it becomes difficult to mark your attendance daily to your job. During the first and third trimester, morning sickness, fatigue, and discomfort may become common in disturbing you in your work schedule, however, there are some useful strategies to keep morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms at bay.

Ease out morning sickness

The symptoms of morning sickness indicate the occurrence of nausea and vomiting. In fact, this is among the first symptoms of pregnancy. Hence, to ease out your morning sickness you can try out these tips:

  • Carry snacks with yourself - Due to the fear of vomiting, many pregnant ladies prefer to starve rather than having meals. However, this is a no way good idea when you’re pregnant. Simply carry a small snacks box in your bag so that you can munch something as and when you feel hungry. It will keep your energy levels up and will also settle down your upset stomach. It is wise to have small and frequent meals rather than having a full-fat meal.

  • Drink water at an interval - Keep a bottle of water at your desk and do not forget to drink water at a regular interval. It will keep nausea suppressed.

  • Sniff lemon and ginger - Carry some ginger candies and lemon with you. You can have these ginger candies or you can sniff lemon as and when you feel nauseated. This will help you to a great extent.

Handle fatigue

Both pregnancy and work seem to be exhausting when fatigue shows its presence in your pregnancy. Although this is not a pregnancy complication, still it makes you so tired that you left with no energy. So that you can handle fatigue easily, you may try these tips:

  • Avoid heels and dress comfortably - As your baby bump starts showing up, it is always recommended to wear loose clothing and avoid heels. Heels and tight clothing becomes uncomfortable for the longer duration and thus it leads to fatigue.

  • Modify work activities - It will be good if you modify your work activities and especially those which are physically demanding. As overexertion to your body can make you more exhausted and tired. In other words, spend less time on your feet and avoid unwanted travelling.

  • Stretching is good, here - While being seated for prolonged hours, you may experience some sort of tiredness and backache. Hence, you may try doing body stretching exercise being seated. Place your hands on a table or desk, step back and stretch your back. It will ease out your fatigues.

  • Rest at home, as much as possible - When you’re back at home, take rest as much as possible. You have already done a lot of work in your office, so at home do not hesitate to ask for help from your family. It will relax you and you will have good energy for your next day.

Control stress

Remember, pregnancy and work are usually associated with some level of stress; both stress and anger control is vital in pregnancy. Failure to this can lead to several other pregnancy complications. Therefore, control the level of stress you are handling while being pregnant. Some good techniques of stress management are been listed below which you can try being pregnant.

  • Relax and focus on your baby - This is one of the most positive ways of managing your stress during your pregnancy. Whenever you feel stressed, sit back comfortably and gently stroke your baby bump. It is been said that after the week 23rd, baby can hear his mother’s voice, so try conversing with your baby. It will help you to relax and calm down.

  • Discuss it - Any type of stress can be released easily if you discuss it with someone whom you trust. If you are worried about your baby’s well being, then discuss it with your doctor or with any of your experienced friend so that they can guide you well.

  • Go for a walk - A gentle walk in the evening or a funny chit-chat can uplift your mood and will bring positivity in mind. Hence, whenever you feel stressed, call your friend or just go for a good nature walk.

Some of the pregnancy complications in which you should STOP Working!

There are certain pregnancy complications which may indicate you to STOP working or cut back your working hours so that it does not raise any alarm for preterm labor. These signs or indications can be

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Gestational Diabetes

  • Infection, which can pass from mother to infant

  • History of past miscarriages

  • Placenta previa - a condition where the placenta lies low in the uterus and partially or completely covers the cervix.

Some women experience certain complications in their pregnancy. However, if these pregnancy complications are overlooked, it can lead to preterm labor and other fatal conditions. It is always the best option to maintain a regular follow-up with your doctor to stay best in your health even when you are working.

There can be some days when you are not feeling well at all and there is a lot of work waiting for you in your office. Here, just stay calm, do not panic as this will never going to help you in any way. Here, just call your boss/manager and let him/her know about your condition and ask for Work from Home option (if available) or simply ask for some extra days to complete those pending work. Surely, your manager/boss will understand your condition; after all you’re not lazy, you are Pregnant!

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