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How to relax after a hectic day?

It happens with all of us wherein a particular day becomes very hectic, or sometimes a full week becomes hectic. However, in the midst of this busy and running life, we all should take out some 'Me' time, where we can sit and relax. Our body is just like a 'machine' which works throughout the day and night, hence it also needs some relaxing moment so it can get refreshed. Therefore, take out just 5 minutes for yourself, no matter how busy you are. These 5 minutes can make you more efficient and effective in your workplace.

Here in this blog, I am listing out the best ways to answer how to relax after a hectic day?


Stretching is one of the best way to relax after a hectic day. It relaxes your muscles and ease out your tensions from your mind. Therefore, for a healthy living stretching or exercise is always suggested.

Body Massage

A body massage involves the rubbing and the manipulating of the muscles and  the ligaments. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, when we work for hours and hours in a particular day, our muscles get stiffed and starts paining, here body massage acts as a pain reliever and gives relief in stiffness too.

Relaxing Bath

When you're super tired because of your hectic schedule of the day, a relaxing bath can help you a lot. A bath relaxes your muscles and calm your mind. A warm bath helps to reduce cramps, tension and improves your muscle's elasticity.

Spend some time with your Family

Happy families are the source of belongingness and love. When you are stressed out spend some happy time with your family, it will ease your tiredness. If you are living with your parents, spend some time and share your day's activity and ask about them. And in case, if you are living with your partner and kids, get involved in their activity, play with your kids. These small things are a great way to relax and calm your body.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthy

There are several health benefits associated to drinking water and eating healthy foods. Among them one is the relief from backache. Eating healthy foods provide you necessary nutrients to keep you energetic and fit.  Refrain from spicy and oily foods as they add cholesterol to your body making you more lazy and lethargic.

Listen to your favourite music

This is one of my most preferred way of getting relaxed after my hectic schedule. I love listening to music and especially when I am stressed and tired. Studies show that listening to music can help you to decrease stress level hormone called cortisol, which is a major reason behind several diseases and illness. Therefore, listen to your favourite music and make yourself relaxed.

Take a power nap

Power nap boost your work productivity and alertness, improves learning and memory power. According to many research, napping regularly reduces stress level and decreases the risk of many heart ailments. 

I hope that you have loved reading this blog on how to relax after a hectic day and found it useful to make it part of your daily life routine. 

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Take Care!

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Gaurav Mathur
Gaurav Mathur
Sep 03, 2018

Very useful tips...


Samidha Mathur
Samidha Mathur
Sep 01, 2018

Thank you Brin.. :)


Brin V Kumar
Brin V Kumar
Sep 01, 2018

interesting and useful tips on relaxation!Great reading...

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