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Importance of Teaching about Solar System to Children

Children naturally love the moon, stars, sun and planets. The twinkling stars in the sky fascinate young children and older children, who begin to ask questions about the solar system. This curiosity of learning about the solar system helps children to gain a greater understanding of the planet, Earth. Knowing why the planet, Earth, is unique and valuable can help them understand the importance of keeping the planet safe and healthy.

We all understand that our planet, Earth, is unique and valuable. It has got everything that is needed for survival. However, with the emergence of growing science and technology, our planet is experiencing some depletion. Thus, to teach our present and coming generations about the importance of our Earth, it is essential to teach them about our solar system.

Learning about solar system can be so much fun for young children. Exploring those beautiful twinkling stars, revolving planets, the Sun, and many such unseen things of space brings a lot of excitement to the children. Studying about space adds curiosity to learn more about it. Teaching the solar systems to kids makes them realise how fragile and important their home is.

Earth is the only planet in our solar system with water and can be found in three different forms - liquid, solid, and gaseous. Other planets may not have it, or it would be either frozen or in the gaseous form if it is there. So making our children understand the importance of water for any living organism becomes accessible through the knowledge of the solar system. Furthermore, some quick facts associated with every planet of the solar system helps the child to learn about the ecosystem and contrast them to their home planet, Earth.

You may start with the eight planets of the solar system through this interesting video.

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You may also find a local planetarium where you can take your children for weekend enjoyment cum learning. Many museums talk about the natural history of space and its effect on ecosystem. Moreover, the discussion about the dwarf planets like Pluto can help your child to understand that a proper atmosphere and environment is needed to survive.

Pluto gone out of the solar system in 2006 because the planet was super cold and rocky and had little atmosphere. Hence, couldn't survive the pressure.

Planets teach us about the winds, seasons, and most importantly, the environment needed for the survival of any living organism. The planet Saturn has no hard surface like Earth. So, this teaches that how you can protect the ground, you walk on. Likewise, the discussion about the planets and the solar system helps a child understand several concepts on an ecosystem like the Greenhouse Effect - Yes, Venus is a great example!

By simply looking up the sky, you can talk about pollution and its side effects on our planet.

So henceforth, when you talk about the environment, talk about the solar system, too. Learning about space and the solar system is fun for kids, but it also provides insight into protecting the planet and keeping it safe and healthy.

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Sep 21, 2021

My nephew is so addicted to solar system that he has made the planets and hanged them from roof so that he could gaze at them at night.


Jul 27, 2021

informative and beautifully designed blog.

Samidha Mathur
Samidha Mathur
Jul 27, 2021
Replying to

Thank You so much for your kind words.

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