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Are you planning for a second baby?

India was the first country in the world to emphasize on family planning with the slogan of “Hum Do, Humare Do” (We two, our two). Since then I believe our society always ask the married couple to plan for the second baby right after the certain gap of time. Although there are no specific rules to plan a second baby after/before a certain age, still there should be a proper thought-process and planning before you welcome a new little member into your family.

Many couples prefer to have a large gap in age between the older kid and the younger one, while some other plans to have the second baby keeping the small gap in age between their children. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with the large and small age gap. Therefore, it is you and your partner who is going to decide what is right for your family.

This blog is dedicated to all those parents who are in the decision-making process and planning towards the second baby. I hope this blog is going to be a useful guide for you all.

When should you start planning for a second baby?

The proper planning should typically start when you both are mentally, physically and financially ready. Carefully raising a second newborn can be more tiring and time-taking for both of you. It is going to involve your finances too. The economic cost of carefully nurturing requires reliable support of income so that you can adequately provide them with quality upbringing and grooming that a child rightfully deserves. Therefore, it is always good to carefully consider all the basic aspects of modern life including the possible response of your elder one too. As it has typically observed that many times, older kids are not ready to share their affections and love (which they typically get from their dear parents) with their newly arrived sibling. Therefore, many parents prefer keeping a long age gap between their children, so that the older one may get sufficient attention and care and should feel unneglected. On the other hand, parents who had preferred to eagerly welcome their second newborn early keeping lesser age-gaps in between their two kids believe this ensures the children will be the playmates for life, they will have a better understanding and the parents will not have to re-start their upbringing stories. However, according to independent research and studies, it says the following:

 There should be a planned gap of at least 1.6 years to 2 years between the two children to ensure good health for both the mother and the newborn baby.

What are the other main things to consider while planning for a second baby?

There are certain things that play an important role in your decision to get pregnant a second time. They can be the following:

 Your financial condition - Family is always important and comes first in priority, but if you are planning for the second baby, you should look upon your bank balance. A child takes birth with multiple responsibilities for the parents. Starting from the basic necessities to the grooming-need until the education all require a reliable monetary source. Hence, if you are sure that you can manage your expenses easily with the arrival of a little new member, then proceed ahead with your decision.

Age do matters, sometimes – Yes, in some cases age does matters. If your age is 35+ with some health-related problems then conception might become a difficult stage for you. However, you can consult a good gynaecologist and obstetrician for proper guidance.

You BOTH should be willing – An ideal situation appears, when you and your partner both are willing to have a second baby at the same time. Try to discuss this matter when you both are in a relaxed mind. As happy minds make a happy decision which is good for everyone.

 You are okay if your professional life is going to dwindle. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get support from the other members of the family to raise a baby. Hence, in this case, you may have to give a break in your career so that you can carefully raise your newborn baby as well as look after your elder child.

I hope this blog has given you the required help that you were looking out. If you have loved reading my blog, then please hit the “LIKE” button do not forget to “SHARE” it and keep “FOLLOWING” my blogs.

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