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Reduce your Backache after Delivery

Many moms complain about back pain or a backache after their childbirth. Whether it is a normal vaginal delivery or a cesarean delivery, backache is associated with it. As a result, this has become a major concern for every new mom. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss some effective ways to get relief from back pain post-delivery. In addition, we will also understand the reason behind this back pain, so that it can be handled more effectively.

Why does this Back pain happens after the childbirth?

Many of us have a belief that an anesthesia dose, which is given at the lower back during the childbirth is the major cause of the back pain after the childbirth. However, according to medical science, this is completely a myth. According to health experts and studies, back pain occurs due to any of the following reason:

  • A mother’s body undergoes with some physical changes while her pregnancy which leads to a backache. Her uterus stretches and expands which weakens the abdominal muscles giving some alteration in her body posture. This all strain the lower back of the body resulting in back pain or a backache.

  • Extra weight gain during and after pregnancy gives pressure to the joints and ligaments which results in a backache.

  • During the normal vaginal delivery, a mother takes the help of even those muscles which are generally not been used during the normal day-to-day routine. Therefore, those muscles show some effects on your body which takes a longer time to get relieved.

  • Incorrect body posture during breastfeeding also adds up to be a reason behind a backache. Most of the mothers bent forward and look down to make sure that the baby is latching properly. This body posture gives strain to the neck and pain to the upper back of the body.

  • And more importantly, giving more focus to the newborn baby all day round gives stress to a mother’s health, which is generally been overlooked. This overall exhaustion and stress lead to a backache for a mother.

What can be done to get relief from a backache?

Although a backache after the delivery will not leave you in a single day, however, a proper care and some exercise will give relief from a backache.

  • Gentle Exercise or Yoga - Usually, it is being advised that post-delivery you should take proper rest and sleep. However, apart from this, it is also good if you start with some gentle exercise or post-natal yoga. You can start doing a light walk whenever you feel comfortable and relaxed. Make sure, before starting with any gentle exercise or yoga, you should consult with your doctor first as she can guide you about your body’s wellness.

  • Focus on body posture - It is a known fact that after the delivery the body posture gets changed. Therefore, to make it correct again, there is a need to focus on body posture. Pay attention to your body position while sitting, breastfeeding and even while standing. Keep your body straight and use pillows while breastfeeding your baby. While sitting straight on a chair, use pillows at your back and armrest to make yourself comfortable.

  • Avoid bending forward - By the term ‘avoid’ it means, do not bend forward giving stress to your back, instead always bend your knees.

  • Avoid heavy lifting - Lifting heavy weights post-delivery is usually prohibited as it gives pressure to the lower back of the body. Therefore, take the help of others for lifting the heavyweights.

  • Regular body massage - If you are willing to have a good body massage on a regular basis, then it is a really good option to get relief from a backache. A body massage relaxes the body muscles and enhances the proper blood circulation in the body. It is also good for making yourself stress-free.

  • Calcium Supplement - According to the medical science and health experts, women tend to lose their body calcium after reaching a certain age, which further leads to many bone-related problems, and it includes back pain as well. Hence, it is essential that a mother should intake calcium supplements as per the prescribed way. A good point of these calcium supplements is that it can be consumed by a lactating mother as well without any harm for her baby.

Lastly, to conclude, it is vital to take general self-care as it may help you to deal with backache. Remember to consult with your doctor immediately, if your back pain is severe and is out of control, and if you are losing sensations in your lower body parts.

Take Care!

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