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Review of ZEE5 Series Abhay (Season 1) – Not that something which keeps you on ‘edge’ but a gripping reviews ZEE5 web series, Abhay (Season 1) and also looks forward to what's new in its upcoming Season 2.

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The web series Abhay is a psychological thriller which is based upon the true-crime events of India. From the digital platform of ZEE5, this Indian web series of eight episodes reveal out some grislier, gruesome, and blood-spattered cases of kidnapping, rape, slaughter, and cannibalism.

This web series is named after its protagonist, SSP Abhay Pratap Singh (Kunal Kemmu), who is an intelligent, smart and clever-minded officer in the Special Task Force. He gets entrusted with the responsibility to solve unravelling and mysterious crimes in each episode of the series, which depicts different but brutal and shocking crimes that happened in the past of the country.

The first episode of Season 1 presents the famous and heinous crime of Nithari murder case of 2006. The scenes of this episode are gruesome, disturbing and may make you feel uneasy for some time. However, the things which set Abhay apart from any other crime series are the solving strategies. In every episode, the audience is well-known about the criminal, but the thing which will keep the audience gripped is the techniques which are used by the protagonist to reach the criminal.

Apart from the task responsibilities, the series also shows some mystery of Abhay’s life wherein he seems to be fighting the inner demon about which only the last episode reveals. In rest, the audience can only see that he is overprotective for his son, Saahil (Pratyaksh Panwar) and keeps him under CCTV camera 24X7 as well along with a Nanny (Manini Mishra) who carries a pistol with her as a safety measure for Saahil.

This web series is not meant for the light-hearted people because they may have to hold-up themselves for some uncompromising and dangerous act of crimes and to their solving. Still, each episode holds its audience for undivided attention and ends in a nerve-wracking moment.

Kunal Kemmu, who has played the role of Abhay, has justified his character to its fullest. This is the first time one can see Kunal as an extremely grey character avatar. His hawk-eyed view and detailing perception at each point of the case adds life to his role. Every negative role player, whether it’s a Dipak Tijori, who played exceptionally fit-character of Chander (fictional character of Pandher of Nithari Murder Case) or be it, Anshuman Jha, as Pramod (of episode 2) who has portrayed the character of schizophrenia, has played a substantial role in their episodes.

Now as the Season 1 of Abhay has already received so much critical acclaim, Zee5 and its co-producers, B.P. Singh and Akshay Singh are coming up with Abhay Season 2, which looks darker and more dangerous than its Season 1. The platform has already declared that Season 2 of this thriller series is not for faint-hearted people and will keep you on-the-edge. Yet, no matter how grislier it becomes, the audience will get to enjoy some real power-packed performance by the role players. And this time, it is Ram Kapoor who is going to play the role of a villain and the main antagonist or you can say the ‘Criminal Mastermind’. So, stay tuned till 14th August 2020! This can be the best thriller web series with some darker crime stories.

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