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Surprising Truth about Love and its Evolution

Love has gone through a great evolution process over the ages. Right from the Medieval period to the Renaissance period till the current time, there has been a huge Evolution all throughout. 

During the Medieval Period, the Concept of Love was more about Biological need. Hence, Physical attraction was predominantly considered as so-called "In Love" feeling.


  • When there was physical attraction, everything felt like music to the ears. The Dopamine levels are at the highest, acting like some drug. Effect of such feeling, as per the studies, used to last anything from 6 months to 3 years. Post which, the brain chemicals begin to fade and the caveman no longer felt drawn towards the same woman. Hence, he used to look for another woman and impregnate her. Concept of Polygamy was quite common during that era. The main purpose of the so-called Relationship was to produce babies. Survival of the species. The entire focus was on Physical Level. 

Then came the Renaissance Period, the period of art & literature. It was a period of the European history, covering the span between the 14th and 17th centuries, marking the transition from the Middle Age to Modernity. It lasted for about 500 years, when the meaning of Love took a whole new turn as 'Romance' or so to say "Love".

  • For the first time, Love was Experienced on an Emotional Level. From Romeo Juliet to Heer Ranjha kind of Love. If you look back to the paintings of this era, they were quite sensuous & romantic.

  • Love evolved from the Physical Level to a more refined level of Emotions. 

  • It wasn't too short span for this evolution to reach this level. It is said that the humans have been in existence on Earth since 200,000 (or more) years now. If you look at this evolution now comparing the number of years, it's something! 

However, past few decades, has seen the Evolution of Love at quite a quick phase, surpassing Physical to Emotional to an Intellectual Level. Where people started looking for Relationships where they could connect on an intellectual level too. Although many have still not evolved to this level, that's okay. The idea here is the Evolution of Love has already come to its 3rd phase of evolutionary existence. 

Even in the Renaissance period, it's not that everyone had Relationships evolved to an emotional level, but Love had surely evolved & the results are evident in the current age. How many in today's world really marry just for the survival of species? The numbers are comparatively very low. 

Now, in the current era, the Evolution has taken a further great leap with a portion of the newer generation looking for not just physical, emotional & intellectual connect but also a Spiritual Connect. 

  • A connect where their Life Purpose matches up to a similar wavelength. Their union is more of a Divine Union for a greater & higher Purpose. This is something called an Enlightened Relationship! 

If you look around carefully, you will see quite a number of couples who have similar spiritual paths. They are em-path on the same journey, who have a common life purpose ~ to create an impact on people's lives. They aim to see how their skills could make a great impact on other people's lives. What they could do together to touch & transform the lives of as many people as they can. 

The entire concept of Love has by far evolved from Physical to Emotional to Intellectual to Now Enlightened Relationship. 

Evolution is fascinating to watch. To me, it is most interesting when one can observe the evolution in every area of Life, in People, in Relationships, In the Universe, in Our Own Self or Love!  

Change is the only constant! Everything Is Evolving! It's just the matter of TIME!

However, there are various techniques & tools that can speed up the process of evolution in every area. Whether Love or Finance or any other area of your life. Why take stair when you can reach the top through an elevator.


This Guest Post has been authored by Ms Renu Newar, a Relationship & Life Coach, Transformation Speaker, Author, Crystal Healer & an Arhatic Yogi.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Lovely Tiny Things. Any omissions or errors are the author's and Lovely Tiny Things does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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