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Tips to Have Meaningful Arguments with Your Spouse

We often see people talk about their arguments with a sense of guilt, as if they have done something wrong. However, argument with your spouse is nothing to be ashamed of. Disagreements happen everywhere and somehow arguments are necessary to always take right decisions. There are certain rules that we should keep in mind while having an argument.

1. What is Your Intention?

The very first thing to keep in  mind is your own intention for having the argument. Is it to just prove that you are right? Is it to genuinely find a solution? Always question yourself whether it is worth an argument before you start.

2. Skip The Trigger

Identify the tipping point of the argument. What started the argument? You wouldn’t want to go to that point again. The point is to totally avoid whatever made you upset the very first time.

3. What Are Your Limits?

Always remember that there is a big difference between an argument and a healthy argument. Never stretch things to an extent where you say something that you know you will regret later. Always think before you let the words come out of your mouth. Know what the limits are and what boundaries should not be crossed.

4. Find Humor

Whenever you feel that the argument is either stretching too much, loosing its point or getting dirty, use humor. Just learn to laugh at the simple things, point it out and smile. Simple mention like, ‘You look like a child when you argue, so cute.’ By my husband always makes me forget what I was arguing about and it has been really good for us.

5. You are not the only one getting hurt

Arguments often result in both the parties getting hurt and feeling disrespected. NO matter how difficult it may seem when you are angry, try to stand in other person’s place and pause for a moment. You sure don’t want to hurt the person you love so much.

Arguments are not bad, the key is to remember where to draw the line.

Never stretch an argument so much that it loses the point and just becomes all about who is going to win it. Arguments are meant to discuss and find a solution and not to look down upon other person. Focus on the fact that the person you are arguing with is the one you love the most and he/she sure wants the best for you. Always understand that there are some limits and those should not be crossed in any case. It is the love and respect you have for each other that matters the most in any relationship.


Swati Verma, has a passion to make things as simple as possible for everyone be it kids or adults. Her blog Miss Zesty is dedicated to bring out interesting and engaging articles for you be it fashion and beauty, parenting, relationships, health, career and all things nice. You can follow on her Instagram page.


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Samidha Mathur
Samidha Mathur
10 dic 2018

Thank you dear for liking this article... Even I agree with the author's point of view that even an argument can have a meaningful and a happy conclusion. We should leave our ego behind.

Me gusta

Very well explained, even we should consider these points while arguing with anyone in our circle and yes, both sides are getting hurt from their own perceptives so it's better to give time, talk and try to understand each others points.

Me gusta
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