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Top 10 Breastfeeding tips for every new mother


Breastfeeding Tips for Newborns

Breastfeeding Latching Tips

For every new mom, breastfeeding is a challenging part of her motherhood. Breastfeeding seems to be very simple, but when it is experienced, a lot of trial and error is involved. Hence, it is important to understand some good breastfeeding tips for newborns so that this natural phenomenon becomes easy and a happy moment for both mom and baby.

Here in this blog, you will find some good and useful tips for every new moms and moms-to-be on breastfeeding and latching.


When you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you are likely to breastfeed him from right that moment. However, this natural process is accompanied by several doubts and questions in mind, like how your baby will latch on its own? How your milk will flow down? How will your baby understand what he should do when brought near to the nipple? But do not worry as you will be surrounded by several medical experts who can guide you to initiate breastfeeding process.

1. Breastfeed your baby right after its birth

You all know that breastfeeding is important for a baby as well as for a mother. However, breastfeeding your baby right after a few hours of its birth is vital for its immunity. According to several medical experts, this early step of breastfeeding is important as it sends signals to your brain and body to produce more milk. Moreover, the first milk of a mother which is called ‘Colostrum’ is secreted at this initial step of breastfeeding.

2. Have patience until your milk flows down

It is one of the much-needed breastfeeding tips for a new mom. Colostrum is produced in a mother’s body when she is pregnant. Colostrum is highly nutritional, yellow colored first milk for a newborn. It usually takes two to three days of the time when your body starts producing milk for your baby. Therefore, it is good to keep patient until your milk flows down. The more you take the stress and becomes impatient, the more it will affect the breast milk supply.

3. Be seated and relaxed while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding should not be misunderstood with such task which can be done very quickly. While breastfeeding your baby it is important to be seated and relaxed so that your baby can fulfill his hunger demand. It is well-known that the stomach of a baby is just like the size of an egg which gets empty after every poop and pee. Therefore, frequent nursing is needed here. This frequent nursing also helps your body to understand that how much milk is needed for your baby to meet his hunger level.

4. Breastfeeding should not be painful

Make sure that your baby has positioned and latched properly. Proper latching is said to be done when your baby’s head is slightly tilted back with his mouth wide open, the chin is dropped and his tongue is down. A good latch ensures a comfortable feeding session for both new mom and her baby. It should not be a painful experience. However, if you experience pain, please check has your baby is latching correctly or not.

5. Take rest, as much as possible

Initial months of a lactating mothers are somewhat stressful as she has to do frequent nursing. Hence, it is one of the important breastfeeding tips for a new mom that you should rest as much as possible. This will maintain your energy level and will keep you relaxed throughout the day so that you can breastfeed your baby as and when it is needed. Here, in this situation, let your family help you out with chores around the house. And remember, when you are not breastfeeding, focus on your self-care, like, eating well and taking a good nap, etc. because a healthy mother raises a healthy child.

6. Drink plenty of fresh water

Breastfeeding mothers should drink a sufficient amount of fresh water in a day. Drinking of water will keep you hydrated and healthy. According to several studies, water is important for breast milk production. Hence, do keep a bottle of water nearby to your bed, so that you can keep a track of your water intake.

You may find despite following these above-mentioned breastfeeding tips, this natural thing is not turning out to be the easiest thing in the world. Please remember, breastfeeding process takes time to get adjusted, so go easy, and do not blame yourself for anything. And now, learn something useful about Breastfeeding Latching Tips.


Breastfeeding is successful when there is a good latch. The following breastfeeding latching tips can be helpful to you for a comfortable breastfeeding session.

Position your baby correctly

The correct position of your baby while breastfeeding is vital for a good latching. Therefore, make sure you are holding your baby correctly to breastfeed him. There are several good positions which you can consider to provide a good latch. Hence, find one position which is comfortable to both of you.

Identify your baby’s hunger signs

Identifying the baby’s hunger cues can be fruitful in providing a comfortable latching. When your baby shows the signs like thumb sucking or lip sucking, then be affirmed that your baby is hungry. Fussy behaviour is also one of the indicators for the same.

Baby feels satiated

After a good latch and comfortable breastfeeding, your baby will show signs of satiation. Your baby will look more relaxed and happy. Most of the time babies fall asleep when they are full to their tummy. Hence, pay attention to these signs of satiation so that next time you will not be in doubt for a good latching.

Keep your nipples clean and moisturised

Good latching is possible when your nipples are clean and moisturized. Therefore, clean your nipples with soft muslin cloth after each and every feed. And in order to moisturize it, gently rub two-three drops of your breast milk onto your nipples after cleaning it. All these breastfeeding latching tips prevent the soreness of the nipples.

Lastly, no matter how much you are ready for breastfeeding, there will be a time when you feel that you cannot do anymore. It is understandable that breastfeeding is stressful due to frequent nursing sessions, still, it is one of the best gifts of Nature to a woman. A little encouragement and support from friends and family will definitely help.

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