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Top Facts You Never Knew About Menopause.

For every woman, it is important to understand 'what is menopause' and 'what are the facts associated with menopause.' Menopause is a time in every woman's life where her menstrual cycle stops permanently due to the ageing of the ovaries resulting in the less production of reproductive hormones. Menopause is been identified as a time when a woman missed her periods consecutively for 12 months (without any other obvious reason). It symbolizes the end of the fertility in a woman, and usually, it is marked between the age of 45-55 years.

What changes can be seen in a woman when she approaches Menopause?

Each woman's experience may differ from the others.

Studies shows that only 57% of women suffer with more than one symptom of menopause, whereas 43% of women experience nothing more than irregular periods.

Sources: Menopause Statistics: CONE HEALTH - The Network of Exceptional Care

The common symptoms of menopause are:


It is one of the most common symptoms of the menopause indicating the sudden feeling of heat and red-coloured irregular patches on the upper part of the body. At the same time, excessive sweating during the hot flashes and cold shivering after the flashes can also be experienced.

Vaginal Dryness and itching making sex uncomfortable.


Your cycle may be too heavy and frequent or too light or missed.


You may feel that your urine is getting leaked at the moment you sneeze. In short, it will be difficult for you to control your urine for a longer duration of time.

Along with the above-mentioned, mood swings, depression, anxiety and not feeling so good about sex are the other major symptoms too of the menopause.

Therefore, it would be a wise decision to consult your doctor, if these symptoms bother you.

What is Induced Menopause?

Induced menopause is not termed as a natural phenomenon. It happens when menstrual periods are stopped permanently after the surgical removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy or any radiation damage to the ovaries. It can also happen due to the intentional consumption of those medicines which are used for inducing the menopause.

The after-effects of induced menopause can be more intense than the symptom of natural menopause.

What is Early or Premature Menopause?

Menopause which occurs before the age of 40 is termed to be early or premature menopause. This type of menopause can be an induced one or even can be a natural phase. The reason behind the premature menopause can be any genetic reason, malnutrition or autoimmune condition. Although this situation should be evaluated thoroughly by the medical expert.

What can be done to ease out the Menopause?

A healthy lifestyle is a solution to every health problem. Although, menopause is a natural phase in every woman, yet it has to be dealt with proper care and a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the important tips to ease out menopause are listed as under:

a. Look at your diet

Menopause is accompanied with the hormonal changes which can risk the heart and the bones. Therefore, take a diet that is rich in calcium and vitamin D and lower the consumption of saturated fat and iodine. You can also take the dietary supplements suggested by your doctor to maintain the right balance of nutrition.

b. Do exercise regularly

Regular exercise can help you to fight mood swings, depression and anxiety. It will provide you with positive energy, and at the same time, it will guard you against any probable disease.

c. Go for regular health check-ups

Many studies have shown that induced menopause and even late menopause can lead to any further health complications. Therefore, go for regular health check-ups and stay updated about your health condition.

d. Stay calm and positive

Menopause can be stressful for a woman. It is helpful if some relaxing techniques and counselling are adopted to stay calm and positive.


Menopause can be a different experience for a woman. It can be stressful for one woman, whereas, on the other hand, it can be a problem-free journey for others. The most important thing is to watch out for your health, and seek expert advice whenever it is needed.

For more information on Menopause, please read this ultimate guide on Menopause

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Samidha Mathur
Samidha Mathur
Dec 29, 2018

Thank you so much Dr

Radha.. yes, the reason behind this premature menopause is lifestyle, and malnutritioned diet. Stress has always been a major cause behind every health problem.

I am really happy that an expert has liked my post. Keep reading my blogs, and keep sharing your opinions and thoughts. Thanks again. :)


Radha Magesh
Radha Magesh
Dec 28, 2018

Very well said. You covered all the points on menopause. It truly is a difference experience for different women.

Though it's a natural change in our body's functioning, it's sad that more and more women are becoming menopausal in a much earlier age, as you rightly mentioned as premature menopause.

But there could be a reason why for that. Though diet, lifestyle, genetics and environment do play a role, what's more powerful here is the state of mind.

Women suffering from relationship issues and undergoing stressful events in life, are noticed to go into menopause far earlier than those who have a emotionally healthy life.

I'm sry for the long comment! But the post just got me into the conversation!…

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