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Vietnam Adventure Awaits! Your Budget-Friendly Guide for Indian Travellers

Vietnam is a land of stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. For Indian travellers, it offers an unforgettable adventure without breaking the bank. This guide covers everything from visa requirements to must-visit places, ensuring you have a smooth and memorable trip to this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

a serene landscape of a city in Vietnam

Vietnam, a country known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, is a perfect destination for Indian travellers seeking adventure without breaking the bank. From bustling cities to serene beaches and breathtaking natural wonders, Vietnam offers a diverse range of experiences. Here’s your comprehensive guide to exploring Vietnam on a budget, tailored for Indian travellers.

Visa Requirements for Indians to Travel Vietnam on Budget

Before embarking on your Vietnam adventure, ensure you have the necessary visa. Indian citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for a tourist visa through the Vietnam Embassy or apply online for an e-visa. It's advisable to check the latest visa requirements and fees on the official Vietnam government website or consult with a reputable travel agent.

Vietnam opens its door widely to welcome visitors from all around the world! Starting from 15th August 2023, Vietnam extends e-visa validity to 90 days and unilateral visa exemption will be valid in 45 days!

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

1. Visit the official Vietnam e-visa website: Go Vietnam Visa.

2. Fill out the application form with your personal details and travel information.

3. Upload a scanned copy of your passport (valid for at least six months from the date of entry) and a passport-sized photo.

4. Pay the e-visa fee (around USD 25) using a credit/debit card.

5. Receive your e-visa via email within 3-5 working days. Print a copy to carry with you.

Food Options in Vietnam: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Delights

Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its freshness and bold flavours, offering plenty of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Here are some must-try dishes:

  • Pho: A fragrant noodle soup typically made with beef (pho bo) or chicken (pho ga). Vegetarian options (pho chay) are also available.

  • Banh Mi: A delicious French-inspired baguette sandwich filled with various options such as grilled pork, chicken, tofu, or vegetables.

  • Goi Cuon: Fresh Spring rolls filled with shrimp, pork, herbs, and vermicelli noodles. Vegetarian versions are common as well.

  • Com Tam: Broken rice served with grilled pork, egg, and fish sauce. Vegetarian versions substitute meat with tofu or mushrooms.

Image courtesy: Vietnam Travel

For vegetarians, Vietnamese cuisine offers ample choices, emphasising fresh herbs, vegetables, and tofu-based dishes. Non-vegetarians will find an array of seafood and meat dishes to satisfy their palate.

Budget-Friendly Stay Options in Vietnam for Tourists

Safety and comfort are paramount when choosing accommodation. Finding comfortable and safe accommodation in Vietnam that fits your budget is easy, thanks to a variety of options:

  • Hostels: Ideal for budget travellers, hostels offer dormitory-style accommodation with shared facilities. Many hostels also provide private rooms at affordable rates.

  • Guesthouses: Family-run guesthouses provide a cosy and personalised experience. They often include breakfast and may offer basic amenities like free Wi-Fi and bicycle rentals.

  • Budget Hotels: Numerous budget hotels cater to travellers looking for comfort without splurging. Look for hotels offering air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfast.

Must-Visit Places in Vietnam

Vietnam boasts numerous attractions that cater to all interests, from history buffs to nature enthusiasts. Here are some top destinations:

  • Halong Bay: Famous for its emerald waters and limestone islands, Halong Bay offers breathtaking scenery. Entrance fees vary depending on the type of tour and activities chosen.

  • Hanoi: Vietnam's capital city blends history and modernity. Visit the Hoan Kiem Lake, and Temple of Literature, and enjoy street food in the Old Quarter.

  • Hoi An: A UNESCO World Heritage site known for its well-preserved Ancient Town. Entrance fees may apply to specific historical sites.

  • Ho Chi Minh City: Formerly Saigon, this bustling metropolis offers a glimpse into Vietnam’s modern life. Visit the War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels (entrance fees apply).

Best Time to Visit Vietnam from India

The best time to visit Vietnam is from November to April. During these months, the weather is pleasant across the country, with minimal rainfall and moderate temperatures, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Avoid the peak summer months (May to October) due to high humidity and occasional monsoons.

Important Points to Remember While Travelling to Vietnam

  1. Currency: The official currency is the Vietnamese Dong (VND). It’s advisable to carry some cash as many places do not accept cards.

  2. Language: Vietnamese is the official language, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

  3. Transport: Exercise caution with valuables and use reputable transportation services. Be aware of common scams and stay vigilant in crowded areas.

  4. Health and Safety: Drink bottled water, and ensure your vaccinations are up-to-date. Travel insurance is recommended.

  5. Cultural Etiquette: Dress modestly when visiting temples and religious sites. Remove your shoes before entering someone’s home.


Vietnam offers Indian travellers an unforgettable experience filled with cultural discoveries, culinary delights, and natural beauty, all within a budget-friendly framework. Whether you're exploring ancient temples, cruising along scenic bays, or indulging in local delicacies, Vietnam promises an adventure of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

Prepare for your Vietnam adventure today and immerse yourself in this enchanting Southeast Asian gem!


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