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What Are The Challenges Faced By A Woman To Start Her Career?

A woman, perceived to be less competitive than a man and only taken good at household chores, leads a very specific life with the stereotype tags. And when it comes to her career, life becomes more stereotyped. Have we ever wondered what kind of challenges she has to face when she is ready to start her career?

We often talk about women empowerment and discuss the ways to implement it. But all those 'high-spirited' sentences go vanishes when it comes to apply practically those words of empowerment. And we all start behaving as we have been doing for centuries.

So, Lovely Tiny Things has compiled the list of challenges faced by a woman when she starts her career.

Lack of Motivation and Support

Thankfully we want our girl child to be educated and get a good degree from college. But when it comes to start her professional career, we lack proper support and motivation. Everyone wants her to settle 'her' family, learn new family customs, give birth to a child, take care of her child and much more but very few of us would like to see her working in an office. Why society does not give her proper support and encouragement to start her career even after a certain period. If she has proper education and skills then why can't she do the job? Thus, the main problem lies in the fact that an educated woman is offered only two choices - career on the one hand and marriage on the other.

Lack of Safe Working Environment

A safe working environment is one of the biggest challenges for a woman. Although companies now claim that they ensure a safe work environment for all their female employees, it hardly helps anyone. Many cases of abuse of work are not reported to the higher management due to an unsafe environment. As a result, women are still not safe at their workplace.

Social Biasness

The work available to educated women is not equal to that of educated men. In many cases, it has observed that social prejudice comes into play when an educated woman is offered work. They have to accept jobs inferior to men even after having the same level of education. Apart from this, there are many stereotypes associated with an educated woman like – a woman cannot be a sound engineer, only a teaching job is suitable for women, women cannot work under pressure, and many more.

Woman is the sole care-taker of her family

From a general mindset, the woman is the sole caretaker of her family. There is no one else to fulfil this responsibility of her. Raising children, cooking, and all other household chores are the responsibility of a woman only. In such a situation, taking this responsibility on herself, how can a woman go out searching for a job when there is no one to look after her house.

Non-reliable platforms

There are many platforms on the internet that provide good networking for job openings. But they are not helpful enough because whenever a recruiter sees a career gap in a job resume, that resume hardly gets any response. Hence the waiting time increases, and the morale of an aspiring woman falls.

So, today lets us ask ourselves where are we going? Are we leading towards gender equivalent or gender discrimination?

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